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Why Your Food Is Making You Tired

Instead of feeling energised, do you feel lethargic after eating? These are three possible causes and it’s all down to your food choices.  Simple carbohydrates Starches that you find in pasta, rice, bread, potato chips, flour tortillas as well food…

Chocolate craving women

Why Do Women Crave Chocolates During Period

You might be familiar with the situation – you get all sorts of craving when you’re nearing or having your period, especially for chocolates. Why is it so? That time of the month – a period (no pun intended!) that…

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Is ‘Tapping’ The Next Big Diet Thing?

The secret to controlling our diet appears to be (literally) at our fingertips. While there are many factors that throw weight loss regimes off track, one of the biggest culprits are non other than binge eating – true or false? As…

Chia Seeds Health Benefits

7 Healthy Things To Know About Chia Seeds

Maximum nutrients, minimum calories! What more can you get from chia seeds? Chia seeds has been hailed as a superfood primarily because of its many health benefits. Did you know it could absorb up to 12 times its own weight?…

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The ‘Dirtiest’ and ‘Cleanest’ Fruits & Veges of 2014

The what’s clean and what’s not of the fruit and vegetable world has been revealed. Every year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which is a watchdog organization in Washington, D.C., releases the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15″ lists. Essentially shopping guides…

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9 Best Vegetables For Your Health

“Eat more vegetables” they say; but have you wondered which veges exactly? It doesn’t take rocket science to know that vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals and generally all things good for the body. But with broccoli, bean…

Foods To Eat Sleep Better

What To Eat To Help You Sleep Better

Tweak your diet to enjoy more peaceful sleep in the evening. Mother nature has a lot of beneficial produce that can help you in many ways and one of it is to improve the quality and duration of your sleep….

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7 Ingredient Switches For Healthier Meals

What if we tell you that you can slash the calories, fat and all the unhealthy stuff away from your meals? It’s possible to cut away the unhealthy stats of your favorite food without the need of forfeiting taste and…


The Dos And Don’ts Of Juicing

Get the best out of your juicing experience with these tips in mind! Juicing is gaining a lot of attention lately and with the number of fresh juice providers we have in the country currently, this is one trend you…

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8 Things Apple Can Do For Your Health

They’re called the forbidden fruit long time ago. But today, they’re known for many health benefits. An apple a day – as they say, keeps the doctors away. How true is that? Well, we can safely say that apples sure…