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What Do All Cheating Men Have In Common

There are some traits that all cheating men have in common aside from being complete scoundrels! Read on.  It may be a normal occurrence these days but that does not make the betrayal any easier or justifiable. When it comes…

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5 Ways To Spot A Liar

A little white lie is not a big deal and so is a little made up excuse, (keyword – little!), but in any case, frequent lying and cheating gets you nowhere in life. A study by Harvard University has found…

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Study: Why Men Are More Prone To Cheating

“Men can’t keep it in their pants,” and so it has been said. Science attempts to explain why.  For years now it has been widely said (and disputed) that men are more likely to succumb to sexual temptations than women….

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Malaysian Women, Cheating is Thy Game!

Cheating takes many forms but in all aspect, it involves a person who has been unfaithful. A person who cheats has been lying to him/herself, the other party involved and perhaps, God too if you’re the religious type. Yesterday, The…

Kristen Stewart was photographed having dinner with director Rupert Sanders in Berlin, Germany in May. (WENN)

Kristen & Rupert Scandal: Whose Fault Is It?

Oh dear, Kristen Stewart – did you really need to give the world another reason to hate you? First the horrible acting, next the bad hair and outfits, and now there’s trouble in paradise for Twilight saga’s golden couple Kristen…

Catch Cheating Spouse's ads on Metrobus (credits: MVD International)

How Far Would You Go to Investigate on a Cheating Spouse?

A service company in Malaysia offers private investigating services to help find proof of cheating spouses. VenusBuzz.com tells you 5 subconscious gestures of a cheating spouse! Many people spend days upon end, wondering and playing guessing games with themselves on…

Dr Venus

Ask Dr Venus : I’m the “Other Woman”

Dear Dr Venus, I’m a 25-year old woman and have recently been involved with a man who is already in a relationship with another woman. They are going through a long-distance relationship and he sees her perhaps once every two…

Why Men Cheat - Venusbuzz.com

Why Do Real Men Cheat?

It’s Complicated. Couples walk in and out of relationships so much more frequently today as compared to those days of our elders, due to the many reasons such as irreconcilable differences and infidelity. Most often than not, we girls find…