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Woman at dentist dental anxiety

The Real Reason Why You Hate Going To The Dentist

For most of us, the dental clinic is one place that we always dread going. Now science may be able to explain why. Don’t you just hate the waiting you have to do at the dentist? The minutes ticking by…


Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo in Malaysia

If you’re a fan of a certain blue robotic cat, then you’re in for a treat – the Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo is coming to Malaysia! Deemed as the largest exhibition that features the iconic character, the Doraemon Secret Gadgets…

eyebrow tattoo removal malaysia medlite c6 safe

Safer Tattoo Removal with Cynosure MedLite C6

Tattoos, when done right can be beautiful works of art but a bad job will have you cursing the artist and considering a removal Some people simply outgrow their tattoos and instead of getting a coverup, opt to get it…

Credit: Fellisimo

7 Signs That You May Have OCD

All of us do have some degree of OCD but for some, it is an extreme way of life. You may think that your inclinations to colour coordinate your closet or naming every spice rack in the kitchen as OCD….

Drivers high heels

Swiss Drivers May Be Banned From Wearing High Heels

Not everyone is a fan of the high heels, not especially when you are driving in the Alpine nation. In Switzerland, a campaign by the police may see high heels being outlawed for driving in the near future. Following a…

cath kidston malaysia mid valley megamall november 28

Cath Kidston Official KL Store Launch November 28

[Update: November 28, 2013 would be the media preview. The store will be open to public on November 29, 2013. Great news to Malaysian fans – there will be a special opening promotion! For details, click here.] Last month, we announced…

Office Sitter Cover

What Kind Of Office Sitter Are You?

Do you know the way you sit in the office can show the kind of person that you are? Some of us like to slouch, while others live (or sit) on the edge… believe it or not, we are always…