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What Kids Really Want From Their Parents

Don’t lose track of what’s important and focus on the real thing. In our world today, kids are involved in way too many activities. Whether it’s due to society’s expectation, parental demands or education system, something is seriously imbalance with…

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Coca-Cola Life: A Greener, Healthier Alternative?

We’re all becoming more aware of how soft drinks are bad for ya, deemed nothing more than carbonated sugar water – so it comes as no surprise that cola makers are now trying to come up with a “healthier” alternative…

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[Travel] How To Score A Seat In Premium Class

Some people have all the luck you may say. Well, some just know how to play the game.  In a Skyscanner survey among 700 cabin crew, it was revealed that a passenger is most likely to get a free upgrade…

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One Direction’s Zayn Malik Engaged!

2013 seems to be like a good year to settle down as another singer is officially announced off the ‘singles’ market – One Direction’s Zayn Malik is engaged! The ever good looking British boy-bander is said to have popped the…

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Horrific Bus Accident at Genting Highlands Kills 37

In what has been deemed Malaysia’s worst road tragedy, 37 people were killed near Genting Highlands around 2.45pm, this afternoon – August 21, 2013. A bus carrying 53 passengers plunged into a 60m ravine, killing 24 males and 13 females…

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Second OPI Flagship Kiosk Opens in Suria KLCC

After the successful opening of the first OPI kiosk in Pavilion KL back in May, a second flagship store will be opening in Suria KLCC!  Good things do come in pairs, so it comes as no surprise that OPI nail…

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The Types Of Kisses And The Message Behind Each Kiss

Pucker up for your kissing style is about to be analysed. A kiss can tell you a lot about the other person, like what he/she is thinking and what feelings they’re experiencing. So naturally, each kissing style can convey a…

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Foods That Will Bloat You Up

Ever had that funky feeling in your belly; like a strong wind is blowing through it and you’re about to explode anytime soon?  Yes, we’re talking about that annoying stomach problem that makes you feel and look bad – bloatedness….


Are You Left Or Right Brained?

While we use our entire brain, each of us has a side that is more dominant. This can actually impact us in a number of ways. Some of you may have heard of this, others maybe not – our brain…