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fake bags

How To Differentiate Counterfeit Fashion

Ever had those ‘is it real or is it fake’ moments? And no, we’re not taking about boobs! Rather, we mean the other best friend of us women – luxury items. Fake goods, counterfeit items, knock-offs, and replica products; be…

Neck kisses

The Most (And Least) Erotic Parts of The Body

Get your game on and learn the art of seduction, with scientific backup no less. In the art of sweet lovemaking, it is all about making the right moves. After all, it’s about where your lover likes to be touched….

EXO Malaysia 1

Eye Want Candy: EXO

Still on an EXO high from the recent MTV World Stage, here is the mesmerizing and spectacular Korean band as this week’s Eye Want Candy feature. Awooooo! Who are EXO? EXO is a 12-member South Korean-Chinese boy band that’s split…

Stressed out woman

8 Ways Stress Affects Your Body

A little bit of stress is good for memory and motivation, but when it gets out of hand, you are exposed to various implications. There’s no running away from stress and when we constantly feel overwhelmed, anxious, or just really…

Electric shock at home

Is Your Home Safe From Electric Shocks or Fire?

Electricity can kill. Beware of the danger in your home! We all rely on electricity to get on with our daily lives. From the moment we wake up right through the day and down to sleeping time, electricity plays a…

happy food

Feel Good Foods To Make You Jolly!

What we eat can directly influence how we feel and act, true or false? The answer is true. Aside from fuelling our body, the kinds of foods that we take in also holds the ability to fuel and affect our…

Makeup travel palette Bobbi Brown & Katie Holmes Collection Malaysia

Bobbi Brown’s Bobbi & Katie Collection

Makeup expert Bobbi Brown has collaborated with Katie Holmes to come up with a limited edition one-kit for all makeup solution called the Bobbi & Katie Collection The problem with wearing makeup is the touching up process that happens throughout…