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Eye Want Candy: Baptiste Giabiconi

You’d want to take one deep breath – cause this French homme is gonna take your breath away!

Who is this Baptiste?

Baptiste Giabiconi is a high-profile French model whose face currently fronts Fendi, Chanel, and Karl Lagerfeld. The 23-year-old is arguably the world’s highest paid male model. He was rather unknown to the general public before his romance rumours with Katy Perry hit the headlines late last month. He championed the 50 top international male models on models.com for two years before Sean O’Pry replaced him last year. Baptiste’s impressive editorial history includes Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Numero Homme, V Man, Marie Claire, Purple, Giorgio Armani and L’Officiel Hommes. Karl Lagerfeld describes him as ‘the male equivalent of Gisele Bundchen’.

5 Reasons to scream ‘Eye want Baptiste!’

5. The boy can sing

Baptiste is a self-proclaimed passionate singer, this year he debuted an electro pop rock music album ‘Oxygen’ whereby ‘One Night In Paradise’ is his first single. The romantic tune tells about a man who is willing to do anything for the chance of spending a night with the girl he loves. Released last January, the single gets nearly 1,000,000 views.

“I know that some people have prejudices and to these ones, I just ask them to open their mind and just listen to my album. They might like it,” Baptiste commented on the people who are dubious over his singing career.

4. He doesn’t do alcohol

Despite the glamorous high fashion fame, Baptiste’s life is still pretty much under his mother’s control. “My mother and manager are there to remind me what real life is,” said the model who claims to not spend much time in clubs. The hunk also maintains an alcohol-free life (maybe that’s his secret to a perfect body!).

3. The French lad is all over the California girl…or not.

End of last month, rumours were strong that Baptiste wanted to move to LA so he could be with Katy Perry. He claims to be crazy about Katy Perry. The two posted romantic Twitpic and went on secret dates that got everyone talking but now it seems like Katy Perry had ditched the ‘fame hungry French model’. Whether or not Baptiste is leeching for fame from Katy, we’d never know – but one thing is for sure, he is 100x hotter than Russell Brand!

2. He is not gay!

Or at least that’s what he says. Baptiste replied a fan’s tweet who was asking about his sexual preferences. Well, you would be inclined towards the French gorge to be gay as well – a top male model, Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, and all. But he replied the tweet with: “Sorry i m not gay!”. We are crossing our fingers and toes, Baptiste!

1. He looks great topless

The eagle eyes, the strong jawbone, the chiseled body – oh not a single word is needed, Baptiste. Karl himself described him as: skinny, skinny but with an athletic body – good for clothes and great with no clothes.

What you’ll need to make your man look like Baptiste Giabiconi:

– L’oreal Studio Out of Bed Texturizing Gel Cream to create the sleek spiked hair

– leather biker jacket

– skinny black jeans

– slim-fit shiny grey 3-piece suit

– slim-fit white shirt, tucked in with a black belt

– V-neck t-shirt, worn with clean black blazer

– Rayban wayfarers

– patterned long scarf

– silver rings and cross necklace

– shiny black loafers

– Nike leather sneakers

– black leather short boots

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