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Study: Power is Like Cocaine

Now, this explains a lot – why people are addicted to power and how soul-destructing it can get?

A study has found that the feeling of power in one’s hand can produce a similar effect on the brain as cocaine. It would seem that by feeling powerful, the levels of testosterone and its by-products 3-androstanediol are increased significantly in both men and women.

When that happens, it raises the levels of dopamine in the brain’s reward system (the nucleus accumbens) and promotes a new “high” which can be very addictive. This is relatively how cocaine works as well.

Cocaine is known to have multiple effects between users. Some may experience an increase in alertness, confidence, energy and euphoria, while others may go through a downward spiral of anxiety, restlessness and paranoia.

So, when somebody who is in power or have been granted a new found authority, the result is almost identical to the effects produced from taking cocaine. If too much dopamine is produced, it will have negative effects such as arrogance and impatience.

This might explain why certain celebrities or politicians emit impulsive and repulsive behaviors in a bid to be in control all the time.

Source: The Daily Mail

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