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Singaporean Husbands Require Permit From Wife

It’s 4am. You’re all alone in your bed. What could he possibly be doing out so late! Does he really need to spend five hours out with the boys? He must be cheating on me. He must be out with another woman. I bet it’s that stupid colleague of his! Or he’s at a strip club with his boys. Arggghhhhh why isn’t he answering his phone!

Calm down women! Are you surprised that he needs some time out from you with your incessant nagging?

According to Sin Chew Daily, Singaporean women have this problem sorted – by ensuring their husbands fill up a form (supposedly available on the Internet) for permission to hang out with their friends!

Entitled “Application of Outing Permit”, the form is addressed to “The Supreme Home Minister”, and has blanks for the men to fill in the date, time, and location of the outing.

Among options given are to “yumcha” (tea), TT (teh tarik), or drinking with the guys with the sole purpose of keeping in touch with the guys and to share stories (no ogling at girls).

As a final push, the form ends with a note to the wife “PS: honey, I will take you anywhere and buy anything you want during the weekend. I love you.”

We’re not sure if this is a prank or if such a form actually exists (if you find it, please leave a comment below!) but we do think this is rather extreme!

So, let’s say this form does actually exist.

For starters, even if he does fill it up – what’s to stop him from actually doing something else if he really wanted to and even if it were for legal purposes, shouldn’t the form contain some sort of Terms & Conditions in the event that a breach of permit takes place?

Secondly, if said wife requires the form to be filled up – we’re no psychologist but chances are, you might need to reevaluate your marriage! Relationships are built on trust, and if you can’t trust him to hang out with his friends, perhaps what you need is a good heart to heart talk as to why his behaviour bothers you so much.

And finally, if you need to control his whereabouts at all times – ask yourself, would you be happy if he did the same to you? Besides trust, relationships also require a lot of give and take and if you’re willing to dish it out, don’t be upset if he does the same to you or retaliates as a sign of unhappiness. Just because you’re happy not having to hang out with your friends, doesn’t mean he needs to feel the same way too. Boys need their toys and sometimes they might get carried away playing DOTA or watching that footie match – so try not to jump to conclusions and let them have their space. As long as they’re not escaping their responsibility of looking after the kids or household chores all the time, give them a break every once in awhile.

What do you think? Would you make your significant other fill up such a form or is that pushing the limit?

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