Canon’s One-stop Venue for Wedding Photography

Are you getting married or know someone who is and frantically looking for a wedding photographer?

Chances are, you would head to Google and start the painstaking process of clicking through numerous links and pages of photos, only to forget which ones you liked by the end of it.

Recognising a need for a one-stop venue that showcases the best and prominent figures in the wedding photography bracket, Canon Malaysia has collaborated with Infinity Wedding Mall to establish a photo gallery displaying works by the best wedding photographers in the industry.

Located at Level 2, Canon will kick this off by working closely with 18 carefully selected top local wedding photographers who will be showcasing their work at the photo gallery. Customers can then view their work and have further discussions with the photographers at their booths.

Among the top 18 consist of Jon Low Studios, Peter Tan Photography, Ooi Eric Studio, Deviews Production, Anna-Rina Photography, The Photoz, Keda.Z, Candid Syndrome – just to name a few, but all heavyweights in the industry.

The gallery is also open to other budding photographers who are interested in getting their foot in the (wedding –industry) door.

With an increasing demand for freelance photographers who are able to customize and plan for personalized and unique pre-wedding shoots, long gone are the days that customers just readily accept ‘templated’ photo shoots as part of a package offered by most wedding houses. Yep, say goodbye to over-airbrushed photos by the beach!

Customers want photos that display their personalities, some more candid than others and more importantly, not limited to having to choose only a few pictures from the entire shoot.

We spoke to Evelyn Lam from Peter Tan Photography, the first female photographer to be accredited with a certified Master Photographer by the Master Photographers Association (MPA), UK in an exclusive interview and asked her why she got in to the business.

“Photography has always been my passion, but I studied business and worked in various industries before this. I only dabbled in photography over the weekends, but I found myself to be the happiest during these times,” she said.

She added it was very rewarding to play a part in such an important event of someone else’s life, to contribute by recording and documenting such a momentous event.

When it comes to the latest trend in pre-wedding shoots, she mentions that a lot of couples prefer to have their shoots at exotic and faraway lands to capture the ‘moments’ and excitement shared between the two.

“Typically, we spend about a month or so at these locations so we are able to accomodate a few couples in our schedule to help lessen the cost,” said Evelyn.

Finally, she added that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to deciphering what makes a good photograph, but what she does look forward to the most is when a couple remembers the same emotional connection for many years to come.

“This makes pursuing this dream, worth it,” she says with a content smile.

Evelyn and partner Peter, will be in Italy (Venice, Florence, Milan, Verona, Rome) from August 16 – September 10, and still have slots available for booking. For contact details, click here

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