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How Far Would You Go to Investigate on a Cheating Spouse?

Many people spend days upon end, wondering and playing guessing games with themselves on the whereabouts of their spouses, sneaking up on them hoping to find something concrete to validate that lingering suspicion. MVD International saves you the trouble.

Such was written on MVD International’s website (catchcheatingspouse.my), a service company which offers the services of a private investigator to spy on your unsuspecting cheating partner. Does he come back later than usual? Does he act weird? Does he ask for more ‘boys time’ recently? Spend less sleepless nights and call MVD – for they will ‘catch your spouse even if he or she is creeping around with someone from the Antarctic’. Claiming to be in the know about the law and its infringements, they promise to provde clients with legal proof.

MVD who patented the phrase ‘Catch Cheating Spouse’ first started the investigator campaign in Singapore almost three years ago. After hitting the Malaysian shore last year and putting visual ads on town buses and taxis, the company claims to have their phone ringing every single day from Malaysians who are keen to catch their cheating spouses.

The concept of hiring a private detective to catch your cheating partner is age old. Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Adventures of the Retired Colourman’ written early in the 20th century, was hired by a filthy old man who wanted to catch his cheating wife. Movies, songs, and other pop literatures indirectly teach us ways to catch the man who cheats. So what’s new that allows MVD to cross countries and cultural boundaries with its Catch Cheating Spouse™?

Perhaps the fact that us human beings are always insecure inside, that no matter how technology advances and ways change – catching a cheating spouse will always be a timeless need.

With the disclaimer of ‘every case is unique, accompanied by unique signs’, here are 5 seemingly trivial signs that your spouse might be cheating on you. While you know the ‘I am out with a friend’ sign by heart, sometimes we miss out subconscious gestures that might lead us to signs that he is cheating:

1. ‘The bowtie you gave me? Errr..I don’t know where I put it, actually, dear..’

He used to treasure your gifts and wore them although his friends gave him a one-of-a-kind stare. Now, he tends to forget where he put the things you give. He could be badly distracted or swamped with work or something or someone else tickles his fancy. Men are not wired to multitask, so it is obvious when something has taken his attention away from you.

2. He’s awake, or online, but not talking to you

You see him online on Gtalk, Skype, Facebook. He even tweets. But he has not talked to you the whole day. Although it is not his official duty to contact you whenever he is online – there is an unwritten concession that he should buzz you, at least once. If this pattern is unusual and it repeats, you might want to intervene and find out what he is up to.

3. ‘Maybe your parents are right, a partner of the same race is better’

What was not a problem up to two months ago now becomes one. Your religion, his race, your strict parents, the list goes on. Most of the time when this happens out of the blue, it could mean he is comparing you to a new ‘candidate’.

4. ‘HAHA! Wasn’t that the funniest joke ever?!’

It was. But the problem is, you have told him that joke before – but he ignored it. If a lot of new things suddenly tickles his fancy, especially things that you know he would not even bother listening – you should shoot away. Find out who or what causes him to suddenly care about culinary, gadgets, or whatnot.

5. ‘You’re tired of me? Go ahead and leave me’

If he says this, he’s either reached his breaking point – or he has someone else in mind that he thinks could be a better match than you are.

So, what’s your verdict? Would you still consider hiring a private investigator after this? Tell us!

credits: New Straits Times, MVD International

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