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Turmeric Magic: Cures Body Odour & Period Problems

Women, you’d better crown this yellow ingredient as your new BFF and there shall be no regrets!

Besides turning your curry and (also) fingernails yellow, it turns out that turmeric works hard to cleanse us on the inside too. This Southeast Asian herb is ‘unique’ in a sense that many believe it will cause body odour if over-consumed. But we are glad to tell you that turmeric provides just the opposite effect when consumed deliberately.

The Indians swear by it for cooking and fabric dying purposes. In our neighbouring country Indonesia, the Javanese have used it for generations while the local female royalties revealed turmeric water as the secret to their silky skin. Up to today, turmeric is still one of the most sought-after traditional herbs when dealing with health problems including digestive problems, hepatitis and breast tumours.

The magic in this ginger-like herb lies in the curcuminoid that basically helps the body excretes unnecessary substances, including toxins and gases. The excretion process helps improve kidney functions and prevent blood clots among others. While turmeric is also available in powder form, always opt to homemake your own mixture to avoid leaving unwanted residues in our system.

1. Turmeric to cure body odour

Turmeric helps cure body odour problem from the inside; which is great news because many of us have secretly been attempting to fight it with technological interventions while neglecting the inner system.

Most of the time, body odour signifies kidney dysfunctions which is mainly caused by the lack of water intake. As a result, the sweat produced contains odour. This is where turmeric plays an important role – the curcumin should help the kidney to function better and also help cleanse the body system. The effect typically takes place after two weeks of daily turmeric intake.

2. Turmeric to help solve menstrual problems

For us ladies, an even greater benefit of turmeric is waiting to be tested out – regulating menstrual cycle and spring cleaning woman’s reproductive organs. Consuming turmeric at the start and the end of your menstrual cycle helps ease period pains, ensures a smooth period, as well as cleanses the reproductive organs afterwards. Hence, monthly turmeric consumption dismisses the unpleasant blood smell during menstrual cycle.

A little tip for those who want to shorten the timeframe of your menstruation without any chemical help: down two glasses of turmeric mixture on the first day of your period. Expect heavy flow for the first 2-3 days, but you can safely end it after those days.

Homemade turmeric mixture

Ingredients: 20g of grated turmeric, asam, gula melaka, lemon / honey (optional)

How to:

1. Boil grated turmeric, asam, and gula melaka with 600ml of water

2. Reduce the mixture until 200ml is left

3. Strain the mixture

4. Add subsequent amount of lemon and honey to tone down the strong turmeric taste, and drink it

(source: Prof. Hembing Wijayakusuma, The Complete Herbal Recipes to Fight Diseases)

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