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Book cabs easier with Comcab & TaxiMonger

Our neighbours down South are known to have efficient taxi services including making bookings through SMS or an app on your smartphone, making public transportation reliable and a breeze in Singapore.

The good news is that Malaysia is set on board to do the same, and smartphone users will soon be able to book a taxi via a new mobile application to be launched by the Malaysian Taxi Drivers, Limousine and Car Rental Operators Association (Petekma).

The free app, called Comcab is expected to kick off in June or July and what’s unique is that it is synced to the relevant authorities, including the police – allowing users to report valuables that they have left behind in the taxi, and lodge complaints on errant taxi drivers.

This isn’t the first app to offer mobile booking for taxis, as TaxiMonger was launched in February and allowed customers to purchase credit on to their TaxiMonger account, using a credit or debit card.

According to their Twitter account, they have surpassed 1,000 members since their launch in April and we like how they are actively engaging with their community through the social network.

What’s nice is that they have a review section on their website and have not censored comments that typically most organizations would remove as it could be detrimental to their reputation – this allows you to make up your own concusion, biased- free!

They have even come out with a creative profile video contest open to all for customers to explain how TaxiMonger has worked for them with a cool prize of USD1,000. (RM3,150). Contest ends May 31.

Hopefully these initiatives are steps in the right direction needed to elevate a portion of public transportation in Malaysia, which more often than not, lives a lot to be desired at times.

We say kudos for trying to be innovative and the efforts put in – here’s to change!

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