[EXCLUSIVE] Style Talk With Carmen Soo & Fahrin Ahmad

Uniqlo’s brand ambassadors, Carmen Soo, 34 and Fahrin Ahmad, 33 took time off from their busy schedule at the opening of the Mid Valley store today and sat down for an exclusive with VenusBuzz.com. The affable duo was energetic and engaging despite the long day ahead.

We got them to dish about their role, fashion style and what attracts them in the opposite sex.

VB: How does it feel to be the ambassador of Uniqlo?

Fahrin: Of course I feel proud, I feel honoured to be associated with them. Talking about Uniqlo, it really fits my personal style. I like casual, simple look and the most important thing for me is the affordability. I think this is what everyone always look out for, as well as variety of choices and options to choose from. Plus it’s a fact that Uniqlo’s quality is great!

VB: What do you like about Uniqlo?

Carmen: I actually got to know about Uniqlo about 10 years ago when I was first in Japan. At that time, there weren’t many outlets open yet. Whenever I  was in the city, I always buy the basic stuff. I’ve always been a fan, I know them as the basic giant company from Japan. They have very good range and I think if the trend calls for short or long t-shirt, Uniqlo always get it right.

VB: How can you bring out the brand as a global ambassador? What is your role?

Carmen: First of all, I think we just have to be ourselves, I don’t think we should try to be somebody we are not or dress differently. I think that we were picked because we are who we are. We should just be the best we can be on our own. I think for both of us in our day-to-day lives, we do dress casual, with the weather here we try to look nice being as casual as we can be. We can’t be like, “ok now, we are going to be super stylish!” So yeah, I think just have to be ourselves in our role as ambassador.

VB: Talking about style, what are you normally dress in?

Carmen: It depends actually. In our line of work, we lead completely different lifestyles all the time. We have days running errands, going to events or meetings and then there are days where we have shoots which means dressing down because we really have to be comfortable on location. But to me personally, I should always feel comfortable no matter what, I don’t like clothes falling off me like “Oh God, excuse me, do you have a pin?“, so no matter what I do whether going to a black tie event or running errands, being appropriately dress is important and I have to be comfortable.

Fahrin: Comfy and feeling confident in it, that’s what I believe in. You know when you’re looking good in something that you wear and you can feel it? that’s the most important thing. I’m a sporty kind of guy so I don’t mind going out in bermudas and t-shirt, but again the key is confidence and comfortability. No matter if you’re wearing a shirt for a formal function or shoot, it’s all about confidence.

VB: What are your thoughts on fashion?

Fahrin: I have the belief that less is more. So, it’s not about being totally different rather dressing in something that is simple but looks good. I’ll still go for something slightly different but it should be simple and nice. That is what I like actually.

Carmen: I don’t really believe in being a fashion victim. But being a girl, I like to follow – oh now it’s spring, so I want to be in pink. I do follow little things like that. A lot of times because we have different or varied lifestyles, so I adjust accordingly. And for me, that is fun because now I have outfits for different occasions like an events wardrobe, day-to-day wear, shooting clothes, etc.

VB: Share with us one tip to remember when you go clothes shopping. 

Carmen: I think it’s very important to adapt, we should understand ourselves well, our body types, lifestyles, what suits us, what works for us, what looks good on us and not just because it looks nice on a 6 foot tall model.

VB: When it comes to the opposite sex, what attracts you about their style?

Carmen: I actually like this whole effortless dressing thing. They may look like they just pull on a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers but when you look closely you know that pair of shoes is picked for something, it somehow goes well with the whole look It’s about the little details, I like that. I guess it’s nice to know guys put on a little bit of effort. But not till you know, the guy probably got someone to do his hair, then must blow-dry and etc, they can’t require more effort than I do right? That is a turn-off. Haha. So yeah, effortless dressing is like a fine art where it is not obvious but you see little things that you appreciate. Oh yah, hygiene is important too! Don’t like dress up in a Gucci suit and everything is so nice but then you look down at their socks, it’s black with dirt, ewww!

Fahrin: For me, a girl should be like Carmen. Haha. Ok, for girls, my advice is don’t try too hard. Sometimes you can just wear something real simple but you know how to carry yourself, so that makes a difference. Like I said, when you are comfortable then definitely you’ll look good. And of course, it helps if you smell good with freshly washed hair and look a little bit done up, not necessarily with makeup but at least a bit of powder. So yeah, don’t try too hard. That works seriously.

VenusBuzz.com would like to congratulate Carmen Soo and Fahrin Ahmad on their appointment as global ambassadors of Uniqlo. Our heartfelt thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. 

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