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Women Sext For Attention, Men To Show Off

You may be forgiven to think that celebrities have anything to do with the modern day pastime of taking naked pictures of oneself and sexting. After all, there have been more leaked photos over the last few years than before with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Scarlett Johansson taking front page.

But researchers have found that rather than it being a pop culture thing, sexting is more like a “primal” inclination.

Science is saying that this primal urge is connected to the designs of our sexual brain. Female and male exhibitionism it seems are perceived differently – women sext to get attention and feel desired, while men do it to show off.

It has often been said that women crave the need to be desired and previous research has shown that being sexually irresistible is very arousing and perhaps, empowering to women. In a recent survey according to Wired’s Ogi Ogas, 47 per cent of women fantasise about being a striptease dancer, harem girl and other sorts of performer, with half of those surveyed reported fantasising about pleasuring more than one man.

Men, on the other hand, revel in their manhood by showing pictures of their penises as a sign of sexual interest. This can be traced back to the male monkeys and apes where they routinely present their enlarged organs to female primates as a sign of power. Yes, it is true men have inherited this behaviour to show off from their primate ancestors.

So, modern day eroticism is just our need to fulfil our basic instinct after all. Play safe everybody.

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