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Lunch2U – Healthy Food Deliver to You

Lunch time is a nightmare for most of us Malaysian workers. Only an hour to spare and with limited choices around the office area. That’s where Lunch2U comes in. 

Lunch2U hopes to help you eat better and healthier. If we are to be honest, we Malaysians tend to overindulge in our local food at the mamak or chap fan stall which contain high calories, carbohydrates and fat. In the end, we’ll feel sluggish after lunch and difficult to concentrate at work.

According to the good people over at Lunch2U, if you balance out your diet with a few healthy meals a week, you’ll see a change in your energy levels. “Think of food as fuel for your body, you want to give it the best to run on. This is where we come in.”

What is Lunch2u?

Essentially, it’s sort of like a lunch provider. Lunch2U is run by Alexandra Prabaharan, a certified nutritionist and her partner who handles the business and logistics side of things. They deliver healthy lunches to offices – think dishes low in fat, high in nutrients and fibre. Yum! So you don’t have to feel guilty about overindulging or think that healthy eating is impossible with your work schedule.

The inspiration to start off this service happened when Alexandra realises that people are constantly on the lookout for healthy food, but they just didn’t know how to go about it. She used to pack her own lunches to work and naturally, her colleagues were curious and asked to taste some. It got to the point that they would pay her to bring in extra portions for them.

So, what is an ideal meal? Alexandra says, “an ideal meal will consist of lean protein, whole grains, veggies and fruit. This is a very balanced meal. I always encourage people to make smarter choices with their food or make small changes.”

For example, bring brown rice to a chap fan stall and you can still enjoy some of the offerings. The point is to balance out your meals, try to have vegetables and fruits with your intake.

If you’re wondering why you feel sluggish after lunch, you need to reconsider what you eat. “Copious amounts of white rice, heavy curries or meats doused in gravies, fried foods and drinks high in sugar are the main culprits,” she explains. “All of these items take a lot of energy to digest which is why you’ll feel sleepy after lunch because instead of fueling your body, you’ve given it more work to do.”

The mindset about healthy eating needs to change. No, you don’t have to resort to starving yourself or live on a diet of celery sticks, the important thing is to have a good balance. With Lunch2U, healthy eating is just four easy steps away:

For more information on the menu and delivery area, check out Lunch2U website here or their official FB page here.

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