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Nails on Wheels – A First in Malaysia

Picture this: You’ve got a big fancy function to attend to tonight – wedding, prom, birthday party, anniversary..etc, etc. So here you are, hair up in curlers, face covered up in green goop and you’re wearing your bathrobe. Everything looks like it’s going right on track until you pick up your phone and realise your nails are all chipped and the colour doesn’t match your dress!! OH THE HORROR!

There’s no way you’re going to have enough time to dress up, brave the traffic and drive all the way to your nearest nail parlour, park, waiti in line to see if they are able to do walk-ins, wait for your nails to dry after you’re done, get distracted by indulging in some shopping, before spending more money on a frappuccino. Not only do you end up late for your function, you’ll probably end up a lot poorer at the end of the day too.

So what do you do?

Introducing Nails On Wheels (NOW), the first of its kind in Malaysia to offer a home to home service for all your pedicure and manicure needs; massages and waxing included.

No more getting stuck in traffic, no more having to get dressed to impress – you could be in your plain clothes, relaxing and watching tv in the comfort of your own space while NOW work their magic on you. The best thing is that mothers no longer need to leave their children to babysitter’s while they feel guilty about getting themselves pampered, you can now stay at home and keep an eye on them while still getting your pretty on! spoke exclusively to Sharina Manmohan, Founder and Managing Director of NOW and discovered that this entrepreneur was actually a psychology graduate from Australia before starting an events company called ‘Partynizer’ upon her return.

Focusing on club parties, Sharina wanted to do more and realised that a lot of girls did not have the time to pamper themselves before a big night out and that’s how NOW came about into being.

“Getting our nails done before a big day, or any day for that matter – can be a little overwhelming.

I thought it would be nice to be able to be in the comfort of your home without having to wait for anyone, or stressing just so you can pamper yourself!” she said.

With four employees in her team and her family to support her, Sharina is looking to expand the team, with plans of opening up NOW in every state in Malaysia, and eventually overseas as well.

“I hope to see many more Malaysians having an open mind for the nail care industry. Yes, it is a luxury, but it is also a necessity!

How we portray ourselves on the outside, says a lot about ourselves on the inside.”

NOW uses products by OPI, the number one color brand in the USA and one of the top choices in over 50 countries including Malaysia.

From June 27 to July 11,  NOW is giving a 50% discount on gel manicure and pedicure – normal Price is RM135. For more promotions and information, follow them on Twitter.

Email or call +60126899293 to book your appointment. For a complete price list, refer below:

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