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Eye Want Candy: Tom Hardy

Who is this Tom?

A 34-year-old British lad – a promising introduction indeed. Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy started off the epic role streaks with Star Trek, continued it with Warrior, and now he is ready to be Batman’s worst nightmare Bane on the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. BAFTA has recognised his talent by awarding him Rising Star Award in 2010 for his role in ‘Inception’. His acting CV includes ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’, biopic ‘Bronson’ and romantic flick ‘This Means War’. Hardy is now engaged to Charlotte Riley, and is a father to one son Louis Thomas Hardy (8) from his previous relationship.

5 Reasons to scream ‘Eye want Tom!’

5. A dog lover who stays away from the spotlight

Tom Hardy has ‘retired bad boy’ written all over his face. His brood is probably the strongest boyish legacy that stays on. He battled alcoholism and crack-cocaine addiction in the first half of his twenties, but has stayed sober since 2003.

“I’m quite incubated. I just keep myself to myself and my dog. (now) He’s not with me anymore,” stated Tom in a recent interview.

4. Your pick: clean cut or beardy

You might not easily recognise Tom now that he sports an enormous beard, a total opposite from his clean cut look as seen on ‘Inception’ and ‘This Means War’. But dare we say it, the Brit pulls off the Santa beard look way better than Brad Pitt does.

3. A Christopher Nolan’s favourite

Remember Earnes the charming dreamcatcher from ‘Inception’? Yeap, the star who almost outshone Leonardo DiCaprio was none other than Tom Hardy. The dashing performance he presented on screen has brought him yet another Christopher Nolan’s flick – ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. And you know well what it means as an actor when you’ve pocketed Christopher Nolan’s nod.

“Christopher Nolan never disappoints,” he declared confidently. [He] certainly never disappoints me.” Yeap, we feel you Tom!

2. A worthy contender for The Joker

Many felt reluctant to discover the new villain for Batman sequel after the deceased of the epic Joker. Bane then came to the picture, portrayed by Tom Hardy. With his critically acclaimed history as a boxer in ‘Warrior’, the hope for a mighty contender in the last installment of Batman is not doomed after all. In fact, we kinda dig Tom’s attitude on playing Bane in ‘Dark Knight Rises’.

“What he did was amazing. That’s that. I’ve got a part I’ve got to play, and I want to play my part,” said Hardy on being a Batman villain directly after the late Heath Ledger.

1. An average-sized man who gets ‘bigger’ for movies

Tom admitted in an interview with GQ that he is not that big of a guy, but he has always worked real hard to tone his body up for characters in movies, namely Tommy Conlon (Warriors) and Bane (The Dark Knight Rises). He once gained major weight for his title role on ‘Bronson’ although he knew he had to literally fight to get back in shape. Now honestly, who can say no to some manly muscle.

What you’ll need to make your man look like Tom Hardy:

Hair: wet look crew cut OR long slicked back hair with Santa beard

Face: scarred right eyebrow, mysterious smile

Body: 6-pack abs with chest & bicep tattoos

The red carpet: classic gentleman look with suit and shiny black leather loafers

Off duty: blue jeans, denim jacket, t-shirt / sweatshirt

Accessories: Christian Dior’ Chiffre Rouge Rubber Steel Automatic Watch

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