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Manicure Monday: French Macarons + Nails on Wheels Review

The best thing about macarons is buying one of every colour and admiring their pretty, pastel combinations. This week we’re bringing you a double whammy in our newly rebranded Manicure Monday – now called MANIC.yours! Don’t you just love our cute little logo?

We’ll be reviewing the new Nails On Wheels service we wrote about last week, while showing you our look of the week inspired by gorgeous macarons!

Firstly, I booked an appointment with Nails On Wheels over the weekend. They contacted me through a text to let me know they were on their way, so I wasn’t left wondering if they remembered my appointment. When they arrived, I was introduced to my manicurist who came with her gorgeous black train case full of glorious OPI nail polish, and her wondrous basket of tools.

She got right to it, and I enjoyed having our manicure done in the comfort of my home while watching the Lord of the Rings marathon on TV

So much win! It was such a nice change from having to watch some show in a language I did not understand that usually plays in one of those nail salons in shopping malls. Or having to watch people passing by as they curiously peek in to the shop window to see what you are getting done. Loved this!

I enjoyed chatting with my manicurist, she was friendly and very talented – we chatted about how she enjoyed surfing online to get inspiration for nail art. I chose pastel coloured nails for my macaron-inspired manicure, and since macarons are supposedly from France, I thought, “Why not have a French-tip macaron manicure?”

What I liked about the service was that the manicurist was able to give me suggestions which were current and on trend. Taking in to consideration my request for a French-tipped manicure, she suggested that I do a silver “half-French/French-slide” manicure since my nails are rather short.

This complemented the macaron-coloured nails very well, and she was extremely gentle in cleaning my cuticles as I told her I have sensitive skin. She did not go cuticle-crazy and cut off an excessive amount like some salons I have visited. Also, she used OPI’s Drip Dry once the nails were done so I didn’t have to place my nails under a fan and freeze my digits off.

All in all, the entire process took about an hour. She said typically it would take about 45 minutes, but because she was being extremely careful with my sensitive skin it took about 15 minutes longer.

I was very pleased with this service, and the best thing is that I did not waste any time being stuck in traffic and scratching my freshly done nails while digging out my car keys from my bag, and paying for parking. Once she left, I could focus on getting ready to go out after letting our nails dry properly.

I loved my nails so much, that I just had to go out and buy myself some macarons for tea.

While out grocery shopping, I couldn’t stop looking at my nails. So I snapped another picture while shopping for some ramen.

This is definitely a service we would recommend, and cannot see ourselves ever going out to get our nails done anymore. The price is competitive to what is being offered in shops, and this really saves a whole lot of hassle!

Email or call +60126899293 to book your appointment. For more promotions and information, follow them on Twitter.

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