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[Exclusive] Sazzy Falak Talks All Things Raya

With Raya just a few weeks away, let us remember that it is a time for family, friends and yes, even fashion. Celeb, Sazzy Falak shares her Raya preparation with us. 

The name Sazzy Falak brings to mind a cheerful persona and pretty face who has appeared on our TV screen as host and actress over the years. The petite beauty is also a mother of two – twins, Iman Lilly and Tiara Rose, 16 months old. She certainly has got her hands full but that is not stopping her from launching her own clothing line tomorrow at 11am online at

Her friendly persona and infectious laughs make her an endearing public figure, and for that, fans love her. had the privilege to speak to Sazzy Falak (SF) recently and we got her to share about all things Raya with you readers.

VB:  What is Raya like for you?

SF: I love Raya, I’m a big Raya fan. *Grins* For me, because of my hectic lifestyle, I’m always out there, running around, busy working, Raya gives me the perfect opportunity to see all my family members. You know the external family, cousins, second cousin and all. I’ve got one big crazy family, so that is totally something I look forward to. It’s a great chance to see people, relax and the irony is the entertainment industry is really dead during this period, nothing happens during Raya, which is great for me. I get to just relax and enjoy the celebration.

VB: Tell us a little about your Raya preparation this year.

SF: Ohh preparation! The food, rendang, those are great fun. It’s a little different for me this year; I don’t only get to get my baju raya but also my daughters’. Those little baju kurungs, so adorable! *Beams happily* I like the fact that now I get to dress them up in those little baju kurungs, it’s great fun you know. But funnily enough, those are sorted out already but mine, I haven’t yet. Haha.

VB: Do you have a tradition that is a must for Raya?

SF: We must do this – my family, we get together the night before Raya, we have our last berbuka, then the people from the masjid will come to visit from house to house, and later after that, we play bunga api and all that. It’s basically just us getting together. Once upon a time, I was the leader of the bunga api gang but now, I’m like “eh be careful, be careful”. So yeah, that is something we must do for Raya. And of course, the first day is very hectic. My family is actually all KL-based. We are all born and bred here, so we have a lot of places to visit and it’s very festive.

VB: Oh that sounds fun. How do you dress up to celebrate Raya?

SF: I have fun with it. I love kaftans and I think baju raya these days, they take on different forms, designs and styles. It depends on my mood really. If I feel like wearing kaftans, then kaftans it is. Last year was very much about kaftans. But this year, I want to go traditional because I do love traditional wear. I love kebaya and I love what I’m wearing today. This is actually by Aishah Sinclair. She has her own line called Bhumi Batik, so she has all these kain and she pairs them up with the most intricate, traditional kain batik. I love this because honestly, during Raya, you want to be eating your guts out right, and the last thing you want is something that is so fitting, you can’t breathe. So this covers it!

VB: What is the one thing you look out for when dressing up for Raya?

SF: I am the queen of accessorising. I like things that are simple, like this outfit I have on, and then, I just accessorise. Nothing fancy, I would wear the fancy stuff to all the buka puasa event but for me, my Raya…I have to be comfortable, cos’ I’m going from houses to houses, and I’ve got two little girls in tow now, the last thing I want to be worrying about is my bajus. So something like this is great enough for me.

VB: How are you dressing up your daughters for the festivity then?

SF: *Squeals* Oh I’m so excited! I’ve already got them baju for Raya. My mum came back from Mecca and she bought some jubah, it comes with a hoodie, so it’s really cute. I can’t wait to put them on for my girls. And because I love accessorising, the same goes for my kids, they actually love necklaces and stuff, so yeah I actually accessorise my children. That’s perhaps why God gave me girls because He knows how much I love to accessorise. Haha. So yes, the jubah, accessories and baju kurungs which BBLuvsMe gave to my girls. They’re pretty much sorted.

VB: One last question, as a petite girl yourself, can you share some dressing tips for the smaller sizes?

SF: I think not just for small ladies but it’s best for everyone in general to know their body type and what enhances their body type. As long as you’re in tune with your body type and you know what fits your body type and what goes well, you’re sorted. Like me, a small girl, there are certain things that I can’t carry off. I can’t carry off too much material, something that’s big and huge. When it comes to red carpet event especially, there are a few designs or couture dresses that I’d like to wear but I know it’ll just weigh me down because I’m so small. So I guess with small sizes like mine, less is more. Too much and it tends to bring me down cos’ I don’t have that much space to play with. Haha.

There you have it, the ever-so-lovely Sazzy Falak. would like to wish her and family a blessed Selamat Hari Raya in advance

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