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Women & Me Time: Could The Two Go Along Well?

With the never ending to-do list a woman must attend to, is regular me-time even a viable option?

Ponder upon this question: when was the last time you spend an hour watching your favourite TV series over a bag of Garrett’s, without any other things to attend to?

Me-time, a simple concept whereby one enjoys his/her own company whilst doing leisure things as a way to relax, has grown to be a novelty in the day where our smartphones are on standby 24/7. For the working women, working hours are extended to home, hours after they leave the workplaces. Mothers are no different, they juggle household chores and family needs on a daily basis. By the time working women and mothers call it a day – sleep beckons.

Hours, days, weeks are only a passing matter – leaving many to believe that stress is inevitable and fatigue is just an inseparable part of life. This is a reminder, this is an order: we need our me-time! An hour or two a day where we are free from replying messages, thinking about tomorrow’s work and preparing the kids for the next festivity.

Study proves, women are more prone to stress than men

In a study conducted in the US and focused on a stress hormone called corticotropin releasing factor (CRF), it is concluded that women are twice as vulnerable as men when it comes to stress. The fact is due to women’s bodies being controlled by hormones – hence the key stress hormone affects women’s system quickly and holistically. Men, on the other hand, are generally less stressed due to the fact that their bodies are more immune to the stress hormone. (source: Daily Mail)

Understanding this fact, we need to make it a point to de-stress on a daily basis to minimise stress in our lives.

What we need to understand

We are married to our jobs, whether we like it or not. Tasks will never end and there will always be an unchecked item on our to-do list. By accepting this fact, our OCD self will learn to take the well-deserved break although there are still errands to run.

We need to also understand that the demands will always come from our bosses, colleagues, family members, or peers. More often than not, we feel pressured to keep up with the insanely competitive pace of the world today that we care less about our sanity. Take back the control over your life – and know when to start and stop working.

A working woman’s mentality

Either as a manager or a housewife, we tend to get overly attached to our jobs. We feel for the colleagues, we want the utmost best for our family, and we end up putting ourselves in the backseat.

In this department, we need to learn from our male counterparts – their ability to detach from things. After getting home from work, or after finishing the household duties – try to shift the focus to yourself and ask: ‘what do I need?’. When we do take time to think of what we want to do, our muscles too will be less tensed and our minds will be at ease thinking about the exciting possibilities we could attempt to.

60 minutes in heaven: simple ideas for daily me-time

Before all else, tell yourself: I will feel better after this, and wake up with fresh ideas for my duties tomorrow.

1. Therapeutic series

Be it romantic Korean series or thrilling actions like CSI – watch something that you enjoy on your iPad / laptop. Instead of slouching on the couch, position the device on your tummy, and put up your legs against the wall. The movement will help more blood get circulated to your brain, as a result – you will feel fresher and less tired afterwards.

2. Be a Julia Child

… and cook away! Chopping, slicing, and other repetitive movements will let our mind rest for a while. Something simple like spaghetti meatballs or Caesar salad will do. If you are a housewife who cooks for the family every day, think of a hobby that you have not done for a while – gardening, painting, knitting, anything. Remember, everyone is a Julia Child at heart.

3. Dance, dance, dance

Going to a club just to dance have become a novelty when we grow older, but it does not mean one should stop dancing. All you need is a stereo set, or a Wii, or a Zumba DVD – to dance and embrace carefreeness once again.

4. Create your own beauty salon

Read a magazine whilst putting your feet in warm salted water, massage your head with hair spa cream, or even be creative and paint funky patterns on your nails. No matter how hard our lives get, we still need our girly time to stay sane.

5. Re-organise your stuffs

If you have been meaning to colour coordinate your wardrobe, or your shoe collection, why not start tonight. De-cluttering is proven to be enjoyable and relieving for many (including yours truly) – allowing you to let loose a happy sigh afterwards.

So, make time! Even Wonder Woman needs to rest.

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