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Fast & Easy! Renew Malaysian Passport Online

Update (7/10/2013) – The online renewal service for Malaysian passport has been suspended for now. Read here for more info.

Did you know? Yes, online passport renewal is now possible in Malaysia.

This is probably a service not many citizens are aware of. I was just as surprised to find out about it and the newly-acquired information came at just the right time as well. My passport was in its last six months of validity and I’ve got a trip coming up, so the online renewal service was like a God-sent!

Due to work and social commitments, I have been procrastinating getting my renewal done. I was dreading the trip to the immigration office and the need to spend a few hours there to get my new passport, or worse only to be told that the machine is not working – “please come back another day”. You know, the horror stories we’ve heard.

But I was pleasantly surprised by how fast and easy the whole online process took. It can be done in just a matter of hours, from online renewal application to passport collection. Mine took less than 24 hours, applied on Sunday evening and collected on Monday afternoon. Easy-peasy!

This service by the Immigration Department of Malaysia is worth utilising. Really hassle-free!

Here’s what you’ll need to get the application done online.

1. Be sure to have your IC and current passport numbers ready. Also, you would need a soft copy of your recent passport photo against blue background – jpeg format, for the renewal. For full specifications, click here.

2. Once you key in your details, the system will pull up all your information based on previous record. Check to make sure that everything is correct. Choose the type of renewal: 2 years (RM100) or 5 years (RM300).

3. Proceed to upload your recent passport photo. This might be a bit tricky as you would need to make sure the size of your photo meets the specification. You will be prompted if the photo is accepted or not. Do note that if the photo does not meet the specification, the Immigration Department of Malaysia reserves the right to reject your application.

4. The next step is to pick the immigration office where you would like to collect your passport from.

5. Check your details once more and select payment method. Payment can be made online using direct debit facilities (FPX) or credit card. However, the FPX mode of payment is currently unavailable due to maintenance work (as of August 2012).

6. Once payment is accepted, you will be told you’re applicant no.# in line. Be sure to print out the receipt which will state your passport collection date, time and immigration office. Important – this receipt is needed for collection!

7. Ta-da! Done! Proceed to the immigration office to collect your brand new passport.

Important to note: Double check application status on the website to make sure your passport is ready for collection before you head over to the immigration office. Bring your soon-to-be expired passport and IC for verification. You will also need a copy of your IC, front and back, during collection for records purposes. Don’t forget the receipt!

Simple enough right? Click here to start your online renewal application. Happy travels everybodeh!

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