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Diorskin Nude Collection 2012 for Flawless Skin

There’s nothing sexier than nude skin, but even those with perfect skin could benefit from proper application of makeup products for that flawless finish.

Probably one of the most difficult looks to master, the trick is in using proper products that have been studied and researched such as Diorskin’s Nude collection which technology includes three key elements: the pigments, the binding agent and water, working in perfect harmony to magnify the natural beauty and radiance of the complexion like never before.

The most important thing  is choosing a foundation colour that is right for your skin tone, and with Diorskin Nude Fluid’s 17 shades of foundation – designed with colour experts from around the world to mimic all complexions with the utmost accuracy and precision, flawless skin can be achieved in three simple steps!


Step 1: Nude Fluid – the revival of a cult foundation (RM145)

The star product in the Diorskin Nude range, this cult fluid is the essential item on every backstage makeup artist’s table, and is their secret for creating the enhanced nude look envied by all. This light fluid acquires a new subtle velvet finish that blends into the skin, to deliver just the right amount of coverage without masking the skin’s texture.

This creates a shine-free, natural glow with an idealised bare skin effect. Women who dream of perfect skin texture and a radiant complexion need look no further: this is the must-have product.

Step 2: Nude Compact – the most natural compact powder (RM190)

While classic powder compacts create a matte effect which is artificially lit by visible iridescent particles, the Nude Compact is unique, as it delivers a naturally radiant finish in any light.

The Nude Compact can be applied using either of the double-sided applicators, sponge or brush. Pad: use the sponge side for perfect foundation coverage, or the velvety side for a lighter glow. This can also be used to finish and touch up your makeup during the day. Brush: use as the finishing touch on a liquid foundation, like a compact powder. Use the dark hairs for a velvet finish; the light hairs for a transparent, non-powdery result, and even more natural glow.

Step 3: Nude Shimmer (RM160) 

The quintessential backstage makeup for the spotlight! Nude Shimmer is a magical powder that features a subtle blend of fine micro-pearlisers in a transparent base. Dusted lightly onto the contours of the face, professional style, it captures maximum light, and provides the wet and ‘glowy’ nude effect every woman dreams of having. Nude Shimmer is the ultimate signature product of Nude skin-glow makeup 2012 vibrant, vivid and right on trend.


Besides having the right products, using the right tools is just as essential in the application of perfect, flawless skin. For your base, there are different brushes to apply liquid and powder products.

The Fluid Brushes

Designed for applying both liquid and cream formulas, they feature new fibres, finely frayed, just like natural hairs.Two options for the desired, finished effect:

The light coverage brush  Its broad “langue-de-chat” form effortlessly deposits a super-fine film of foundation on the skin.

The full coverage brush – A denser, bevelled brush for blending in a larger amount of foundation and obtaining more coverage. The finish is thoroughly natural and luminous.

The Powder Blushes

Adapted for both compact and loose powder foundations, they are made of high-end natural hair to provide absolute comfort and to guarantee they keep their shape, use after use. Two options available:

The light coverage brush – Round and supple, its layered, frayed fibres dust the powder lightly onto the face and offer a velvety, translucent, yet non-powdery finish.

The full coverage brush – To crush the pigments and polish the powder, and to achieve fuller coverage and a perfectly smooth, luminous finish, this is a flat, thick brush.

There you have it! All the tips and tools of the trade to look alluringly sexy without looking like you have too much on..don’t mind the pun

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