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7 Health Benefits of Morning Shower

Did you know that morning shower could decrease stress and increase fertility?

We have quite a love-hate relationship with morning shower – we know that it jumps-start our day but it is also a tough fight to drag ourselves out of bed and get water all over our bodies. Little known facts, however, that morning shower has quite a bit of significant health benefits – be it cold or warm shower.

Here we recap the seven health benefits of morning shower for you to print out and stick next to your bed – as a visual motivation when you are about to wake up tomorrow morning.

Rise and shine, Venusians!

1. Improve blood circulation

Standing below the shower does feel therapeutic, right? Some could even doze back off in the shower. The warm, running water we get during morning shower is good for our blood circulation and it also loosens the tension in our muscles and joints. It’s good news for our persistent stiff shoulders problem! Whilst morning shower does not kiss the problems away for good, it stimulates healing, eases the pain and decreases inflammation.

2. Increase immunity

Morning shower stimulates the body to produce more white blood cells – which act as our ‘army troop’ against viruses and diseases. Due to our wondrous biological clock, such benefit is only found in AM shower, and not so much of an evening shower. So obey the mighty clock and take your morning shower.

3. Decrease stress

If you are one of the people who wake up with thumping heartbeats, it signifies stress and anticipation of what needs to be done today. To ease you up, take a morning shower – especially cold shower. Running cold water ensures all body parts get enough oxygen input, in which we know that sufficient oxygen in the brain eases stress up. So start your day fresh and positive with morning shower!

4. Relieve cough

If you are suffering from cold, morning could be excruciating for the accumulated phlegm gets thicker after a long night’s sleep. Turn your hot water on and close your bathroom door for a few minutes before stepping in. Once you get in, the steam from the hot water will help you get rid of the phlegm and mucous in a matter of minutes. To make the ‘instant therapy’ more effective, add eucalyptus oil to your skin. The hot shower itself is known to ease body aches associated with cold.

5. Increase fertility

This one is for the lads. If you are planning to conceive, it would be a good idea to get hubby drenched in cold shower every morning. A recent research done at The University of California shows that men’s production of sperm significantly increases after taking cold morning shower for a week, whilst hot shower has the opposite effect. Cold shower also triggers testosterone production, the hormone in male that is responsible for sexual drive.

6. Act as an instant warm-up 

For those who prefer morning exercise as opposed to after-work one, you should consider taking a quick warm shower before you hit the road (or gym). It loosens up your stiff muscles after a night’s sleep, hence acts as a comforting, effortless warm-up session.

7. Improve hair condition

Those with hair fall and dull hair conditions should take note. A warm morning shower ending with a cold one just for the hair, or a complete cold shower, could strengthen your hair roots and protect the hair cuticle. As opposed to this, too hot a shower could damage your hair and leave it looking dull.

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