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5 Things Women Would Love About iPhone 5

Are you still on the fence about the newly released iPhone 5? We discuss on things we think women’d love about the latest Apple beauty.

Pardon the fairy tale orientation, but it feels like we are Snow Whites being offered the perfectly red and ripe apple right now. The only difference is that it is not the queen/witch who is offering – it is the master of sleek Apple. After the announcement of iPhone 5 last night, some are still pretty much as excited as before, raving about the elegant design of the ultra high-tech phone; but many more are left disappointed with the ‘lack of breakthroughs’ the device will be carrying.

In general, iPhone 5 is lighter than all of its predecessors, weighing 20% lighter than the 4. Its 4-inch retina display allows for more convenient browsing experience, whilst the brand new iOs 6 will be running the device. The phone is equipped with A6 chip to ensure faster graphic loading and overall performance.

Are you making the shift when iPhone 5 hits our shores? The exact dates have not been confirmed, but from past experiences, it takes around a month for iPhones to get to Malaysia after its American release date. Here, we highlight five features of the iPhone 5 that we love, and we think other women would love just as much.

1. The shape and design

Whilst all of its predecessors are designed with men in mind, the iPhone 5 is light, slim and is perfect for a woman’s hand. This is great news because the previous iPhones are prone to falls because it is rather heavy. Such incident could be fatal because iPhone is made out of glass; the quality which lends iPhone its ultra sleek look at the cost of fragility.

2. Camera with panorama mode

Although the iPhone 5 supports the same camera resolution as the iPhone 4, 8MP, the phone promises a better low-light performance on both its front and back camera. Whereas, the new tool Panorama will allow users to automatically combine a series of images into one stunning photo.

By selecting Panorama on the option menu of the camera mode, the arrow would guide you to slowly pan the camera around your photo objects – and once you are done, you can check out the panoramic shoot and zoom into any part of the image which catches your eye. In the panning process, the Panorama will also tell you to slow down if you go too fast. Doesn’t it sound like you’re carrying around a private photographer in your pocket?

3. Do Not Disturb

To a certain degree, we all have nomophobia, we get anxious when our phones are out of reach and this includes when we are sleeping. But how many times have our sleep been disrupted by unimportant tweets, messages or calls and we end up staring at the ceiling for hours afterwards?

With the Do Not Disturb function, we would be able to filter only a certain group of people who are able to contact us in case of emergency at night. This means you can put the phone on silent whilst still being notified if and when important calls come.

4. Passbook

In the days where deals, concert tickets and air tickets are bought way in advance, a feature like Passbook will definitely come in handy. The application lets you store all those documents all in one place, and we bet it is going to be popular amongst women and men. The feature shows once again why Apple has successfully lured mothers and aunties who previously were not interested in technologies – Apple understands them, and that shows through features like Passbook.

5. Sharing tool

Us ladies like to show our friends the clothes we are about to buy, the food we are eating or just the random cool things happening around us. With the iOS 6, we would be able to share images with others that use the software without the need of any other application. The recipients will get instant notifications once we send the images, and the sharing process will be even more seamless than before.

All images are courtesy of Apple, unless stated otherwise

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