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Air Asia X Introduces Child-Free Zone

AirAsia X to ban kids under 12 from its upcoming ‘Quiet Zone’ starting next February.

Following the pioneer move by Malaysia Airlines earlier this year, AirAsia X, the long haul version of budget carrier AirAsia, is introducing a child-free zone in the first seven rows of its economy class area.

Dubbed the ‘Quiet Zone’, the area will be secluded from other sections of the plane thanks to an isle and lavatory separating them. Children below 12 years old would not be allowed in this area starting February 2013. AirAsia X is taking the move to ‘provide more convenience for travellers’.

“We know that sometimes all you need is some peace and quiet for a more pleasant journey with us,” as stated in the AirAsia X website.

Upon Malaysia Airlines’ move to restrict kids from the upper deck of its economy class on all Airbus A380 flights in April (activated on July 1), both praises and criticisms were received. Whilst many business travellers who seek for quietness to sneak in some peace rejoice, families who are travelling together are disgruntled. Just as controversial as when the airline imposed baby ban from most of its first class flights back in 2011.

With the high mobility at this day and age, we feel that it is a win-win solution for families and business travellers if airlines imposed kids-free zone on their flights. This way, families who travel in packs could worry less about complaints filed by other passengers whose quiet times are disrupted because the kids are crying or running around the isle. On the other hand of the spectrum, business travellers who need quietness to work or catch up on sleep and have paid extra bucks for it, would not be disrupted by the kids’ noise.

However, airlines need to show that they care about families with kids too, besides first-class business travellers who are their main target market. We command Malaysia Airlines’ commitment to ensure convenience for kids placed in the upper deck of the economy class of its A380 flights. The seats are refurbished, eight lavatories are available and dual aerobridge is present to ensure faster embarkation and disembarkation; in short, the upper deck is now kids-friendly.

With AirAsia X following its country mate’s move, we hope they too are dedicating more facilities to ensure family and kids’ convenience on board and not merely isolating them from other travelers.

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