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5 Steps to Deal with Working Life Anxiety

Feeling exhausted in bed but it takes you hours to sleep? You are anxious.

There are times when thoughts wake me up in the middle of the night, forcing me to think at such weird wee hours. Another time, I would forget to do the simplest errand in barely 5 minutes after I was determined to get it done. Talking to others is no longer a pleasant pastime because half the time I would be counting the remaining free hours I have before work beckons. Waking up exhausted, being tortured by stiff shoulders throughout the day, and at the end of the day – finding out that you have missed out a few things in your to-do list.

Ever experienced such trippy feelings? You might have caught the working-life-anxiety bug. Many of us keep telling ourselves that stress is an inseparable part of work, hence we easily give our mind away to anxiety and eventually, our days are not ours anymore. We say enough to anxiety invasion! Our mind is ours, and work is a responsibility that should never suck our happiness.

Here, we list down 5 steps to overcome anxiety in the spirit of functioning more effectively at work whilst living a happy life.

Step 1: Admit it!

Old but gold: admission is the first step to recovery. Anxiety does not happen overnight, it builds up over time hence some would get used to the thumping heart and crowded mind by the time their stress level slowly climbs up.

Sit down and feel: is your heart beating faster than normal? Are you no longer able to sit down for 15 minutes without itching to go somewhere or do something? Does your mind wander when you have conversations with others? If you answer ‘yes’ to at least two of those traits – you have anxiety. And it is about time we shake things up.

Step 2: Review & reschedule

Working life is tough, at least tougher than college’s. Although your boss is a great figure you respect and you make the best of friends with your colleagues, competition and friction are bound to happen. Thus, it is extremely important to live by your own standard.

Only you can tailor the appropriate goals for yourself, and this means you should stop worrying if you are good enough. It will only stress you out to compare yourself with others at your age whom you deem more successful. When you come home knowing that you have done your best for the day – you deserve a pat on the back rather than those self-criticisms that will only give you more anxiety.

Step 3: Live in the moment

Most of the times, we are anxious because we don’t know how to deal with tomorrow. As a result, various scenarios will play in mind and eventually cause us to keep planning for tomorrow, the next day, the next week and so on – because that’s the only thing that could comfort us, even only for a while. In turn, moments pass by before our eyes and there is no time for us to enjoy what’s happening. We would end up living in a paradoxical world where we are lonely in the midst of people and things.

From now on, make a point to stop thinking about work when it ends – no matter how hard it is. It helps to not constantly check your work mails at night, or working late until your sleeping time. Take a breather for the much-needed me time; here we show you how to.

Step 4: Do not get addicted to being busy

At this day and age, EVERYONE is busy and if you’re not busy – there is something wrong. Busyness has become a parameter to relate to others and in turn, you could get addicted to being busy. In order to feel calm, you need to do some work and stay back late at work. This state of mind is very alarming it has got to stop!

Go back to point #2 and realise – you can only use your optimum potentials at work if you give yourself some break. Go out, be inspired, and have some uninterrupted sleep before going back to work.

Step 5: Reward yourself

More often than not, work takes a while before it comes into fruition and provides us with the stamp of approval.

However, only you know what you have achieved on a daily basis, the progresses you make. Realising that, it only makes sense for you to reward yourself with the much-needed break on the weekend. Pamper yourself, or take a day off of work to relax. There will always be a job bag to do, but they can wait. Your peace of mind can’t.

Lastly, remember that we work for a living and not live to work.

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