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Real-Life Gossip Girl – As Told By An Air Stewardess

Oh to be tall, beautiful and high-flying! Meet *Val, the air stewardess who leads what we deemed as a glamorous life.

Flight attendant, air stewardess, air hostess, whatever you call it. Our perception is of someone attractive, who earns a lot of money and damn lucky to be travelling the world for free. Well, Val acknowledges all that, after all she has been a cabin crew for the last eight years now.

Her job has taken her to many countries and along the way, she has met countless of people. Some had a profound impact on her while some shocked her kampung upbringing to the core. Val spills some secret about what goes on in the airline industry, read her first account about her high-flying job.

Co-dating at its best

This is a normal occurrence in many industry but more so, when you are a cabin crew. Perhaps, due to the fact that we work/travel together all the time, a fling or two is not unheard of. There were many instances when we hear about a fellow stewardess hooking up with a steward during a work trip. It is common knowledge that sex is freely available should you choose to indulge in it.

Here’s a story about these two girls working on the same flight together. Lets call them *Lisa and *Rachel. Both have model-like beauty and body, just different hair colour – Lisa is a dark haired brunette while Rachel is a sandy blonde.

They’ve never met before their flight. That’s not surprising as our rotas change every month, so we rarely get to fly with the same people and most of the time, it’s new faces on board. Anyways Lisa and Rachel hit it off immediately, some would say it’s almost like they’ve been best friends for a really long time.

Mind you, it was a long-haul flight and as any BFF’s would, they began sharing about their lives, their likes and dislikes. They discovered a lot of similarities in their taste but they just didn’t realise how much. Soon the topic of boyfriends came up and while Lisa was showing Rachel a picture of her man, both had the shock of their life.

It turns out they were both dating and being cheated on by the same man! Needless to say, their newly formed friendship turned into an ugly shouting match with one accusing the other of seducing her man and blaming each other instead of the lying b*****d.

Turbulence on air? Oh yes!

Married but who cares?

You know the cliche about pilot being the most unfaithful man on earth? It’s true. In this industry, it’s a well-known fact that you shouldn’t date or marry a pilot. And yet, many people can’t help but fall for one. I guess the uniform plays a big part in this attraction. I can’t deny how much better a pair of tush looks in those snugged, tailored pants. Sexy!

So, there was this pilot we all know as *Captain K. He is a very dashing looking man, married with a beautiful wife and two kids – a 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. He is charming, witty and have a commanding presence about him. You’ll be forgiven for being intimidated and yet attracted to him at the same time.

As the story goes, Captain K had the opportunity to meet one of the cabin crews during a flight to New York. From innocent bantering to full-on flirting, it was clear to see that they were attracted to each other. No one thought much about it, as we all know this is quite a common scenario in our line of work. Everyone jokes around with everyone.

However news broke one day that Captain K has decided to leave his wife and move in with the said cabin crew. Apparently, their one night stands continued into something more – love. But the real shocker of all has got to be the fact that the cabin crew in question is a man by the name of *Roger. Captain K was a closeted gay all this while.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. 

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