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New Traveling Trend in Asia: Adults-Only Tourism

Tourism facilities in Asia aim to please couples on holiday, in line with the latest adults-only traveling trend in the region.

Sitting on the flight to your chosen holiday destination, one of your main wishes as a traveling couple would be ‘let there be no screaming kids at the resort’. And no one can blame you for that. But neither can anyone blame holidaying families who are paying big bucks so they can have some rest whilst the children scream their hearts out around the resort.

To offer a solution to honeymooners and couples in romantic getaways, resorts in Asia are following the Western countries’ lead in providing adults-only holiday facilities. Since the trend started off in the Caribbean Islands, this segregative tourism trend has been bringing extra profit for luxurious resorts around the world (source: ABC News).

On November 1, Thailand’s luxe resort Akyra Chura Samui in Koh Samui relaunched itself as an adults-only retreat spot. The resort located on Chaweng Beach has officially banned kids under 12 in its surveillance following its rebranding. Akyra Chura Samui is the first in the area and the second in Thailand, after Layana Resort & Spa in Koh Lanta, to become an adults-only resort.

Malaysia has also picked up on the growing demand for undisturbed intimate getaways, with ClubMed-owned Cherating Beach Resort in Pahang dedicating its Zen pool to adult guests. Earlier in the year, homegrown airline companies Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia X have announced their child-free zone in certain flights to ensure the comfort of adult passengers.

While the solution seems to be foolproof for both couples traveling without kids and families on holiday as of now, we can’t help but wondering if prices for romantic getaways will hike up as a downside of this traveling trend. After all, it would only be reasonable for resorts who have gone the extra mile to ensure privacy for couples on holiday to charge (even) bigger bucks.

What say you, would you rather spend more money on adults-only resorts or stick to open-for-all resorts and save a few hundred ringgits?

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