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MANICyours: Mermaid Sparkle / Emerald Pantone Colour of the Year Nails

Almost every girl has had dreams of being a mermaid; swooshing our long fish tails around and having little seahorses as friends!

Well, since it’s pretty safe to say that that will never happen, we can opt to have pretty sparkly green nails that reminds us of the ocean on a hot sunny day when the sea glitters like green jewels on the horizon.

The trick is to use iridescent glitter that complements  your nail polish and Makeup Forever’s Holodiam Powder is perfect for this mermaid sparkle effect, as it has a slight tinge of green!

What You’ll Need: Base coat, three shades of green nail polish (we used 05 Green Splash, 06 Creamy Green, S02 from Elianto – get 3 colours and a nail polish remover for only RM19), Holodiam Powder in 303 from Makeup Forever (RM95), a brush, top coat.

Step 1: Paint your nails with alternating green colours – just apply 1 coat first.

Step 2: Paint one nail at a time with a second coat.

Step 3: Immediately dip the freshly painted second coated nail into the Holodiam Powder before it dries up. A good tip is to just dip the top part of your nail, so the glitter is concentrated at the top.

Step 4: Using your brush, clean off any excess Holodiam Powder off your finger. Apply top coat (watch how the excess glitter beautifully spreads and covers the entire nail into a nice gradation).

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