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MANICyours: Mariah Carey by OPI Liquid Sand Review

As reported in December, the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection is now in Malaysia and we’ve got our hands on the minis for the four Stage shades – read on to see what we think!

The four colours are:

Get Your Number – Matte blue with multicolour sparkles, Can’t Let Go – Matte purple with dazzling sparkle, The Impossible – Matte fuchsia with star confetti, and Stay the Night –  Matte black with red glitters.

First of all, these nail polishes need at least two coats before you see their true beauty – and boy, are these pretty.

2013 is all about texture when it comes to nail polish (from what we’ve seen in the market), and OPI is a serious contender with the new Liquid Sand technology which basically looks like glittered sandpaper – without the scratchy texture! The best part about the Liquid Sand polishes are that you don’t need to apply a top coat! Also, these dry pretty quickly (within 30 minutes) and really do sparkle quite beautifully. It’s different from regular glitter nail polishes and we like that these are matte – they remind us of fruit pastilles!

Our favourite colour is Get Your Number as it’s an unusual shade of blue (neither dark, light, baby or turquoise), and the multicolour sparkles make this look like the sun reflecting off the clear blue sea. These are definitely nails Ariel would rock! We still can’t help but stare at them at every chance we get and love that it’s not just one flat blue colour – there really is a subtle gradation of blue which gives it a very aquatic feel.

Stay the Night is another interesting one in this set as the red glitters are a nice contrast for the matte black, and lends it a more gothic feel without being too boring. For some reason, we think this will sit really well with fans of Twilight!

Can’t Let Go is perfect for those who love purple (and maybe Bieber fans) and it has some slightly blue-ish glitter thrown in to give it some dimension. This would make a nice addition to your collection of purple nail polishes just for the texture.

The least favourite in this collection is The Impossible which is described as a matte fuschia but we found it to be more of a muted chilli red. It comes with star confetti, but we found that the lack of contrast in the glitters made it rather bland. Still, those who like red nails might still like this – we just love our classic red manicure to be REALLY red!

So there you have it – we really like the Liquid Sand collection because it’s much easier to fix your chipped nails with textured nail polish and think the Mariah Carey set has a few must-haves. The only thing we didn’t really like with the minis are the brushes which were kind of big for the tiny bottle, so the bristles get pushed up and stick out which doesn’t make it very easy to apply. We say, go with the regular-sized bottles in the colour of your choice instead.

Mariah Carey by OPI nail lacquers contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and each includes OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for the ultimate in application.This collection is available at Colour Culture (OPI Nail Bar) and leading nail, beauty, hair salons & spa centers throughout Malaysia. It is priced at RM59 per bottle or RM78 for the Minis.

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