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Friday Fitspiration: Fay Hokulani

We speak to fitness enthusiast and all around hottie, Fay Hokulani, and find out that looking good does not come easy – girl works hard to get that killer body! But you know what? It does get easier, and it’s 100% worth it. Read on to find out more from this gorgeous 25-year old football presenter, fitness personality, host and model!

VB:  So Fay, tell us more about how you got started into being fit and motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle?

FH: I started my fitness journey around 2006, because throughout my teenage life I never had a problem with my weight. But as I grew older I guess my metabolism changed, I started going out more and I wasn’t really eating healthy.

So then I started running outdoors, and after losing some weight I decided, why not join the gym! I started exercising and combining weight training with cardio, and I just haven’t stopped since.

VB: Do you run marathons then?

FH: I haven’t done a full marathon yet, but that’s on my bucket list. I’m not a long distance runner to be honest, but I do run 10km when I do my cardio.

VB: What’s your fitness regime like, and how do you balance it with your busy schedule?

FH: I train between four to five times a week; somedays I do just cardio, somedays I combine cardio and weight training, and some days I just do weights.

I like to get it out of the way in the morning. Some people work differently, some people can only workout after lunchtime. For me, I prefer to do it after breakfast, before lunch. That’s when my energy’s the most optimum.

So I like to get it out of the way in the morning, before I go about doing my thing. But if I’m having a really busy day that starts early, then I’ll do it at the end of the day. But if not, you can always catch up the day after or the day before. There’s no need to pressure yourself into doing it because I feel like if you really force yourself to go to the gym and make it a chore, then you’ll start to hate it.

VB: I’m sure diet plays an important role as well?

FH: I prepare most of my meals at home, it’s really easy to do. For me, it doesn’t require a lot of cooking to make healthy food. Salads, you can easily bake or grill chicken, seasoned with some salt and pepper, fish is so easy to just bake. You don’t need a lot of seasoning to make healthy food. Throw in some salads, some greens, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and you’re good to go!

It’s just about getting used to it and making it a habit. If you can wash your hair everyday, it becomes easy – you don’t even think about it. So if you eat healthy everyday, you prepare these foods everyday – it just becomes easy.

VB: The hardest thing about eating healthy, is eating when you go out with friends who perhaps don’t share the same sentiments. How do you handle that?

Yeah, that’s also a lifestyle factor – going out, and stuff like that. For me, when I do go out, I bring a handful of almonds in a Ziploc bag, or an apple in my bag with me everywhere I go, just in case there are no healthy options outside.

VB: But what do you tell yourself when you really want to eat something bad and fatty? Do you say “No, you can’t!”

FH: Don’t say you can’t, say you’d rather not! If you put yourself in that kind of mindset, you’re restricting yourself and then it becomes a chore. So, just say “I don’t want to have that right now, I’m going to save that for the weekend after I’ve done all my exercises and I feel like I’ve earned it – I’m going to have a burger, or some pizza.” Then we’ll celebrate!

VB: So do you have your cheat meals every now and then? What’s the one thing you can’t say no to?

FH: I do! The one thing I can’t say no to? Penang Char Koay Teow!  That’s one thing I cannot refuse. There was once, I went to Penang and I was on a four-week challenge – I didn’t eat anything. Everything was just in my tupperware, those were the only things I ate and (I said) I’m never going to come back and not eat anything here again!

VB: Good choice! Finally, any advice to women who want to get fit, but need the inspiration to get off the couch?

FH: Just get active; get your friends together instead of trying out a dessert café, check out a healthy restaurant. Cook in, have a potluck; ask each other to bring some healthy dishes!

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