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How To Deal or Cope with Stress

“Stress lah!” – that’s a common cry of many working adults, and even young students, these days. 

It is a known fact that at some point in life, stress will creep up on us due to the pressure and expectation to perform. Dealing with life’s curveballs can bring anxiety to one’s breathing moment.

But stress is not just a rough patch and it can affect us in more ways than one. The physical and emotional state that we have to go through can lead to chest pain, high blood pressure and headaches among many other health issues. In the long run, stress can put us at greater risk of heart problems, cancer and depression if not managed properly.

Health practitioners have suggested some sound ways to tackle stress such as going for a massage, soaking in a hot bubble bath, take a vacation or down a few glasses of wine. These are means to help us cope with the demands of living in this fast paced world. And, here are some other pointers to remember:

Take a time-out

It is important that we spend some time alone to recuperate from the day’s battling. Go for a 30-minute walk, sit in the garden or hide away in your room to relax and just breathe. Do this everyday. The quiet time can help you gather your thoughts and not let anyone or any situation get to you.

Get busy

Right, we’re not suggesting for you to add more to your stress level but simply to get your mind off things and refocus on something else. You’d be surprised that acts like scrubbing the toilet, organising the cupboard or even cooking can help break the stress inside you.

Carry a charm

A stress ball is what you may have around the office but you could also carry a small charm with you. Things that mean something to you like a seashell or rock from your Bali holiday. Every time you feel like there’s no way out, grab hold of the charm and remind yourself of the good stuff. It works wonders to break the negative feelings.

Call a loved one

The stress cycle is a vicious one. Whenever you feel the weight on your shoulder, make a call to someone that matters to you. Mindless chatting with a good friend or favourite aunt can help to make you feel better and calm the soul. It’s good to take the edge off for a while.

Reach out to others

Often we don’t realise that everyone is struggling to get by as well, so reach out to those in need. For a moment, you leave your worries and problems behind and help others get out of theirs. When you make someone else feel good, it will inevitably make you feel better too. Talk about good karma!


Sometimes what we all need is just a moment of reflection and solitude. Prayers help in situation of stress as the act of praying brings comfort and peace even in the most despairing times. For those who are not religious, meditation has the same effect as well.

Letting go

This is the hardest part as we are not built to just forget and let live. Letting go means accepting that certain things are beyond our control, that we make mistakes, that some things/people are not worth our time at all. When you can do that, believe that you can find inner peace.

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