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Love Story: Why Dating in KL is Tough for Single Girls

WOMEN:girls celebrated this year’s International Women’s Day by highlighting stories from women and girls through a series of empowering short films.

The project – entitled Ikal Mayang, features 15 short films by Malaysian women directors ranging from industry veterans such as Sofia Jane and Carmen Soo, to up-and-coming talent such as Shamaine Othman and Dira Abu Zahar, just to name a few.

We spoke to director, writer, and actor of Love Story, 29-year old Shamaine Othman to find out more about her movie, and why dating in KL is no easy feat for the modern Malaysian woman!

VB: What inspired you to write Love Story?

SO: I was struggling to date in KL for about 4 years and I often wondered how come it seems so easy in romantic comedies. Then I realised, hang on, life isn’t a romantic comedy!

VB: You wrote, directed, and acted in Love Story – what were some of the more memorable experiences during the shoot?

SO: The most memorable experience was directing one of the actor’s butt for a close up shot. I mean it’s not always you get to say ” I need your butt to smile a little”.

VB: What’s the takeaway for those who watch Love Story?  

SO: I want people to enjoy it – men or women. There isn’t an obvious “message”. Just enjoy it and if it makes you want to start directing, or be more pro-active in your dating life, then so be it.

VB: How easy is it for a single girl to find a decent man in KL?

SO: Difficult. Or perhaps I am the only one that’s suffering. Women in KL have evolved so much but the men haven’t…and I think that’s where the problem is.

VB: What is your advice to single ladies out there?

SO: If he’s not in this city, get out. Oh, and never settle for second best; we are looking at your potential life partner. Someone that you may have to bathe when he/she is old and wrinkly. So, make the wise choice!

Love Story and the other films in the Ikal Mayang project were screened at a private event on March 8 – no word as to when they will be made available to the general public but stay tuned for more details!

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