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Sunsilk launches their Girls Search: are you the next Sunsilk K-pop starlet?

Calling all Miss Pretties! Sunsilk Malaysia has just launched their “Sunsilk Girls Search”- a girl search campaign to find their very own Sunsilk K-pop starlet, to perform in the 2013 Asia Super Showcase!

The Sunsilk Girls Search is a dance competition that offers ladies the golden opportunity to perform alongside the lovely Hannah Tan on the 2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia this 12th May. Yes, you just might be that lucky person who will perform Sunsilk’s theme song, ‘Miss Pretty’, to K-Pop artists like Girl’s Generation and many other exciting acts!

Sunsilk has always been about feeling free, confident and having fun, while have gorgeous worry-free hair! Sounds like you? Submission for the Girls Search starts from 18 March to 14 April 2013. Hannah Tan will also be part of the judging panel of the competition and mentor to the campaign finalists.

There is also a Sunsilk truck, built to engage ladies with fun K-pop themed activities. So, if you see the Sunsilk truck, hop on in and experience the latest K-pop hair trends and fashion styles.

Excited already? We know we are! To enter, download and learn the dance move of the Sunsilk theme song (as seen in the youtube video above). Then, record a video of you grooving like Hannah, upload it to youtube, submit your link and personal details to the Sunsilk Girls Search.

So, if you’re a huge fan of K-pop, wanna have fun and got hot moves to spare, why not join the campaign. Who knows, you might be the next Sunsilk Girl (and be on step closer to your favourite K-Pop idol!). We’ll be rooting for all you pretty ladies, Fighting!

For more details and information, please visit Sunsilk Malaysia.

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