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Tried and Tested Hair Loss Solutions

Be it hair strands on your pillow or a slightly obvious bald spot, signs of hair loss can be very disheartening.

Let’s face it girls, our crowning glory is one of our most precious assets. Just look at the amount of time and money spent on our hair! So yes, it gets pretty depressing when our hair starts to thin out. Good news is, this predicament can be managed! Here are some tried and tested solutions that will help curb your hair loss woes.


More often than not, the main cause of hair loss is an oily scalp. An oily scalp would result in complications like scalp acne, dandruff and erythema (scalp redness). All these lead to, well, hair loss.

Use deep-cleansing shampoos, these would help eliminate all the excess sebum and oil. Also, after shampooing, rinse with cold water. Not only will this make your hair less frizzy, it will also tighten up scalp pores, minimise oil secretion and lock nutrients from your shampoo. Sweet!


Conditioners are needed to replenish the lost moisture and oils caused by shampoos. ‘Isn’t hair loss caused by oiliness,’ you ask? Very true, but if you skimp out on conditioners, your hair will look dry and limp. The golden rule is to try and not apply any conditioner on your scalp.

Scalp Treatments

Good news is, scalp treatments really do work. The bad news is, not all treatments are effective. Finding a treatment that’s suitable for you is not going to be easy. It may require several trial and errors sessions, which can be time-consuming and a bother to your wallet. But don’t give up! Our advice is to firstly check out treatments that are made from organic ingredients, and usually, treatments that give out a minty sensation are more effective (because mint has oil-balancing properties).

Hair Regrowth Stimulators

Items such as aloe vera and coconut oil can do wonders. Just rub a little onto your scalp, leave it on for about 15 minutes and let them do their magic. Or you could also mix olive oil with rosemary oil or lavender essential oil. These would all stimulate hair growth. Hair tonics help too, but as usual, organic ingredients are preferred.


Food also plays an important role in hair loss. This is simply explained by the fact that like our body, our hair gets its nutrients from the food we eat.

For healthy hair, our diet should contain subsequent amount of Vitamin E and iron. Therefore ladies, drink more water, eat less sodium-laden junk food and consume more greens. Trust us, there will be a difference!

And ladies, please don’t be disheartened when you don’t see immediate results. Treating hair loss requires continuous time and effort. Also, treating it is not a one-time thing- you’ve got to constantly maintain it. Yes, this may all sound tedious but hey, what beauty regime isn’t?


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