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Beat The Sluggish Feeling!

Can’t fight these feelings anymore? Sluggishness be gone!

The Monday after the weekend or long holiday is the worst. Feeling drain and low on energy, it’s debilitating to see that our brain and body are refusing to cooperate. Sluggishness is a feeling that most of us are prone to. It’s like the extra rest didn’t do much to help us get our groove back.

Well, a few lifestyle changes may be all you need to make your day productive and enjoyable again.


When you wake up in the morning, do some light stretching. The motion helps to increase blood circulation and deliver oxygen to your muscles, which in turn helps to improve energy levels. And, if the post-lunch drowsiness is kicking in, stretching can help shake up your senses and vitality.


I know! I know! The dreaded ‘E’ word but they don’t call it a runner’s high for no reason. Give your heart a good workout with regular cardiovascular activities and you’ll feel a surge of euphoria. The endorphins are released when you exercise and the extra movements give you more energy to do more.

10-min Walk

Ok, if you really really are tight on time, then just take a brisk 10-minute walk. That’s good enough to get your heart rate up and blood circulating. Experts also say that you just need a 10-minute workout every day to boost your metabolism and get in shape.


A lot of our body’s reaction is due to our food consumption. High-calorie and high-fat food tend to have saturated and hydrogenated fats which are unhealthy and can affect how you feel. So adopt a change by consuming more omega-3 foods like salmon, sardines, tofu, etc, to promote brain and heart health.


Feelings of sluggishness happened because oxygen are not distributed to your tissues fast enough. So laugh! No kidding, laughing helps the muscles in your face and body to stretch so you breathe faster thus becoming more alert. Laughing has also been known to boost your immunity and improve mood.

Be Positive

Keep your mental energy up with thought-empowering mind. Replace any negative thoughts with positive words like “I can…”, “I am…” and “I feel fine!” Our mind do shape how best we feel and thus, it is vital that we keep a positive image of whatever situation we’re in.


If all else fail, then the best way to tackle that energy-zapping evilness in you is to rest. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body tend to go haywire with your temperature, appetite and stress hormones hitting the highs. Aim to get at least seven hours of sleep every night to recharge.

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