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Are you a single mother who could do with the extra income? Do you have an ailing parent at home and can’t afford to leave the house for work? Do you need to relocate and follow your husband to a foreign country? Freelancing might be the answer to your problems.

Life often puts us in various situations that we would never in a million years expect to find ourselves in. These come in the form of challenges and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, which wouldn’t be a problem if money did not come into the equation but alas – such is life!

The good news is that with the advent of the World Wide Web and sites such as, jobs aren’t restricted to your vicinity and many countries tend to outsource work to find the best possible solution and creative talents the world has to offer. Enter

Case in point: Cristina Emilia Stefan (a.k.a Aishah) found herself having to provide for her family when her Malaysian husband lost his job in Saudi Arabia and had to return home.

While he looked for a job, she had to freelance and due to Visa restrictions she had to go online looking for opportunities – That’s when she discovered; the world’s largest crowdsourcing and outsourcing site!

Speaking with wisdom born of experience, she counsels: “Once you have enough positive, excellent feedback, the possibilities of future engagement would be close to endless. You can be hired permanently by some to contribute to their ongoing or recurring projects. The word-of-mouth endorsement is priceless to the opportunities that may arise.”

From data entry, to writing or even designing – the possibilities are endless and besides earning more income, you could even pick up an extra skill or two which will just open up more doors for you.

As the world’s leading freelancing marketplace by traffic volume (according to, currently has more than 7 million users from 234 countries and regions. Internationally, it attracts over 4,500 new users daily, a figure which has been exponentially increasing since was founded in 2009.

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