Goodbye Halia the cat, you will be missed.

Last week, tragic news fell upon the the tenants of Jaya One- Halia, the beloved ginger cat, had passed away due to a car accident.

Halia was dear to many, especially to those of The Bee, Tongue in Chic, Freeform, PJ Live Arts, and Frontera Sol Of Mexico. The ginger gentleman was adopted by Jaya One as part of their cat rehabilitation programme with SPCA Selangor, Malaysia. The program aims to manage the cat population while keeping them healthy and disease-free. Halia was one of their first successful story.

The management of Jaya one would like to kindly remind everyone to be wary of the cats in their rehabilitation program and drive safely when around the area.

Ladies, let us not let Halia’s death be in vain. Spread the word, and drive safely. And this does not only apply in Jaya One. Sadly, animal deaths from auto collisions, be it cars or motorcycles, are one of the top death causes in the animal world. And let’s face it; it is the fault of careless human behaviour for such unfortunate incidences.

Minimising such accidents aren’t hard. Before entering your vehicle and driving off, do a rough surrounding check for any animals. Remember to check below and behind your car too. If there is an animal nearby your vehicle and if refuses to move, try honking. Also, know that when you carry an animal away from your vehicle, they would sometimes walk back to your vehicle without you noticing. So do try and be cautious. Simple tasks like these would make a huge difference.

Let us all pledge to drive safely for a better care of our furry friends.

Goodbye and rest well dear Halia, you are in a happy and safe place right now.

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