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Venus Alert : Fashion in the house

Happy New Year! Its 2012, and we’re all excited! While we promise to bring you more exciting features, today we decided to lift up some fun in hopes to further empower Here we take a look at some timeless fashion styling from our very own team. After all, we believe anyone and everyone can be a trendsetter, no?

1. Rise and Shine

Our Editor came in today with some bright colors, bringing some energy into the room. Not to mention, flaunting that tattoo on her  back, we know it’s already a good year!

2. We’re bringing SEXY back

TopShop can never go wrong. This foxy lady shows off her killer-bod walking in with this outfit. Man, it just got hotter in here!

3. Casual yet stylo 

T-shirt and jeans, with some striking cool shoes. It’s amazing how this trend never dies when it comes to the boys. Anyhow, we love this outfit because it’s so comfortable and you can get started in no time!

4. Who says Preppy are for students? 

Our mate definitely pulled off the preppy style. A little match here and there, and we’re too school for cool. Oh Yes!

5. S-T-R-I-P-E-S

Yes, we’re calling it a Stripes day! Let the picture tell its story. These colorful lines definitely brought in some youthfulness to the room.

6. Simple and elegant

They say every girl needs a little black dress. Indeed we do, and she owned it like a lady boss!

7. Power Couple

Love is in the air, here’s how you dress like a power couple and you’ll get heads turning!

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