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Do Vegans Have Better Sex?

It is undeniable that vegans are a healthy bunch, perhaps even healthier than meat-eaters. Although, does it mean that they’re better in the art of lovemaking?

A study was done not long ago to find out the truth of the matter. Michael Wasserman of the UC Berkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management had done a research on the effects of Phytoestrogens (sex hormones found in plants) on wild primates’ behaviour.

The 11-month study follows a troop of red colobus monkeys in Uganda. Wasserman and his team had observed and kept tabs of the primates’ eating, grooming and sex habits. From their research, they found that the more the male monkeys dined on the Millettia Dura leaves (a tropical tree plant containing Phytoestrogens), the higher their Estradiol levels (their ‘sex hormones’) were. This then resulted in the monkeys getting it on more than grooming themselves.

Though similar studies and experiment have yet been conducted on mankind, one should remember that human and primates contain quite a number of similarities. Due to that, intellects do agree with Wasserman’s studies. In fact, his results have even been published in several health and hormone journals.

If that isn’t enough, several other studies have proven that soy products can increase your sex drive, and fruits full of vitamin C tend to improve sperm count and its motility rate. Celeries are also known to increase your sexual appetite as they contain androsterone. Actually, it seems that most libido-increasing foods come from plant sources. Food for thought, right?

Our thoughts on it? Well, we find no reasons to disagree with Wassermans’ studies. Also, it is undeniable that a proper vegan diet would be able to cleanse and detoxify you, resulting in a better body and mind. And well, when you feel better about yourself, anything could really happen.

So yes, we reckon that it is possible for vegans to have better sex. What do you people think? Leave us your comments below!

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