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Five Crepes To Try In The Klang Valley!

Crepes are great! They’re nice on their own, and especially awesome when paired it with almost anything. Chocolate, fruits, cream, jams, bananas.. just name it, and pair it!

Oh, and you also have the infamous mille crepes! These are glorious stacks of crepes with layers of cream in between. Crepe, cream, crepe, cream. Oh my! Be it in a cake form, as a sweet treat or a savoury dish, admit it – crepes, when done right, are a delight!

Though, we did realize that, for some sad and unknown reason, the crepe scene is not that hot in this part of town. Fret not dear readers, we’ve managed to scout a few crepes to satisfy your crepe-y cravings! Here are five crepes you can try that are around The Klang Valley!


Yaku Crepes  (LG, Central Floor, Time Square)

Though not known to many, Yaku Crepes have actually been around for almost 10 years! Their crepes have a crispy start, but give it some time and the heat from its piping-hot fillings would soften it up nicely.

The good: Its fillings. Just look at the amount of fillings in the image! We also liked the fact that the crepe did not depend on the feelings’ flavours as the main source of taste – the crepe itself had a nice taste to it. What we’re trying to say is that this is one of those foods where everything blends well together, which is how we like our food to be.

The not so good: Truth be told, though Yaku Crepes taste good, we wouldn’t exactly say that this as a spectacular crepe. Another factor is that Yaku Crepes are only available in The Golden Triangle (Sg.Wang, Times Square and Low Yat to be exact) premises.


Hokkaido Ichiba  (1Utama Shopping Centre)

Crepes and ice cream make a lovely pair. What more if the ice cream is superb, which is the case for Hokkaido Ichiba.

The good: We admit, the crepe above doesn’t look that good, but looks can be so deceiving! It is very important that we highlight how delightful the Ichigo Crepe (strawberry crepe)! The crepe was filled with strawberry ice cream and fresh strawberries, and topped up with strawberry sauce. Yes, it is a strawberry lover’s dream! The crepe’s taste fit the strawberries perfectly.

The not so good: Honestly now, the crepes are a tad too hard. We recommend you to get the crepes that are wrapped around Hokkaido Ichiba’s awesome ice cream as this would soften up its texture. Also, there are hits and misses with their crepes – we loved the strawberry crepe but were disappointed with the chocolate one.


Shimino  (Pavilion)

Shimino crepes are served to you in a cone shape, with the fillings of your choice and fresh cream inside. And we’ve got to tell you, the combination is ingenious!

The good: The crepe piece is moist and soft, which is how crepes should be. The fillings include strawberries, mangoes, grass jelly and cheese cake. Yes, you can have cheesecake in your crepe! Take a good bite of the crepe, cream and perhaps peach slices and, ah bliss! Oh, and you can also pick between the original or mini portions now! The mini version is an ideal size for snacking in-between meals.

The not so good: As this crepe uses fresh fruits, getting a Shimino crepe can sometimes be a gable. If unlucky, you’d encounter sour mangoes or strawberries. We suggest you to be smart when buying – if it isn’t mango season then just try avoiding mango fillings. Also, price may a factor, but then again, you can always opt for the mini version.


Nadeje Patisserie Mille Crepe  (32 Square)

Hailing from Melaka, Nadeje Patisserie has become a household name in the world of mille crepes (crepe cakes). Rumour has it that, before opening their recent 32Square outlet, there were even those who drove down to Melaka for a slice!

The good: We absolutely love its soft and moist texture. Trust us when we say that it literally melts in your mouth. There is also a variety of flavours for you to choose from. To name a few, there are mocha, rum and raisin, gula Melaka and chocolate banana flavours. If you’re the type that’s not good with decisions, may we suggest the mocha flavour.

The not so good: The mille crepe was a tad too milky, so it can be a little jelak. However, this is entirely out of personal taste. Also, get the cake with patience – on a Wednesday afternoon, our writer had to wait half an hour just to collect a cake that was pre-ordered days ago. Yes, even for collections


Food Foundry  (BG8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya)

Throwing in another mille crepe option, Food Foundry can be considered one of the more successful and longest mille crepe providers in The Klang Valley.

The good: The crepe itself has a light taste too it and matches well with the crepe. We also like how the mille crepe taste is just right – it is not too sweet, slightly creamy and has the adequate amount of flavours. Our suggested flavours include the strawberry and chocolate. Enjoy!

The not so good: When compared to Nadeje Patisserie, the cakes’ crepe pieces from Food Foundry are not as soft and moist. Though, we wouldn’t exactly say that this is a terrible thing.

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