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Pick The Right Colour For Your Lips

Lipstick is one of the most essential beauty items you can buy; colour your lips with the right shade and all will be dandy!

But it’s not that easy now, is it? There are thousands of lipstick shades in the market and finding the right one can be a little like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re a make-up noob like me, this is one love-hate relationship that can get really frustrating.

Glossy, sheer or matte? Red, pink or brown? What about skin tone? Let’s learn how to choose the right lipstick colour.

The general rule of thumb is that lighter colours work for daytime wear while darker shades are good for nighttime. Sheer and matte finishings are appropriate for day look and glossy bold touch is a nice look for evening events. As for skin tones…

Dark – Girls with dark complexion can play with a variety of colours from plums to caramels, reds, pastels and coral oranges. But it is best to avoid bright pink, orange and bold red unless you have the personality to pull it off. Generally, the deeper your skin tone, the deeper shade of lipstick you can wear.


Medium – Girls with golden undertones can work all shades of red as well as bronze and copper. Rich pinks can help enhance your skin tone. To highlight cool undertones, go for deep reds and blue-reds. You can also try sheer berry, spicy brown or brown-based mauve.


Fair – Girls with pale complexion should avoid reds and browns with an orange undertone and also bright pinks, as these colours tend to wash out your fair skin. Instead choose light corals, light pinks, nudes and beige tones. Shimmer and wine reds work for a bit of pop to your look.

Tip! When buying a lipstick at the counter, use the tester on a sheet of white paper to see what’s the dominant colour.

  • If they are mostly brown, warm red, or very pale hue, these will work for yellow skin tone.
  • If they are reddish and pinkish, these will look good on skin with a rosy tint.
  • If they are of rosy, magenta and purplish hues, these will be nice on darker skin.

Also, take into account your lip size.

Just like in fashion, darker shades will make your lips look smaller while lighter colours help make your lips look fuller.

Of course, this is just a basic guide to choosing your perfect lip shades and avoiding a beauty disaster. Certain factors like the occasion, your dressing style, the mood of the day, your personality, can all affect your colour choices. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best on you. Make it kissable all the way!

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