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5 Places To Get Hooked On Eggs Benedict!

We think it’s pretty safe to say that although Eggs Benedict is not a local dish, it has pretty much managed to entice and capture the hearts (or rather, stomachs) of most Malaysians. 

This American dish consists of two halves of an English muffin, topped with ham or bacon, perfectly poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. Now that you’ve got the basics down, try imagine its runny yolk bursting through egg white seams as you cut through them. It then proceeds to mix with the creamy Hollandaise sauce as it flows down onto ham, vegetable and lightly toasted muffin… Ah, yummy runny egg-y bliss! Who wouldn’t enjoy a perfect plate of Eggs Benedict right?

Wanting to share our love and penchant of the blessed egg delight, we have come up with a list of five places around town where you can get Eggs Benedict. Bon apetite dear readers!


Journal by Plan B (Publika)

Thumbs Up: Truth be told, Journal by Plan B is our writer’s go-to comfort place for Eggs Benedict. The muffins have always been soft, Hollandaise sauce is constantly of the same delicious quality and eggs were continuously done right. The turkey bacon was also enjoyable as it’s not too salty. Generally, we’d recommend the Eggs Benedict here to those who like a tart-finishing to their Hollandaise sauce.  And what is good food without great atmosphere, right? Journal at Plan B sports a unique interior décor with an ‘upside down restaurant’ theme, where there would be hanging chairs on the ceiling!

Thumbs Down: While our writer has not personally had a bad experience here, there have been stories where dining wasn’t pleasurable in Journal by Plan B, i.e. cases where the eggs in Eggs Benedict would be overcooked.


That Latte Place

Thumbs Up: This small all-day breakfast and coffee café is located in the premises of Yayasan Seni Berdaftar at Jalan Ritchie, Ampang Hilir. Before we headed over to check out the place for ourselves, we did a little background check and found out that almost everyone commends their Eggs Benedict – that they serve up splendid meatless Eggs Benedict. Ladies and gents; there are no lies detected there. That Latte Place’s Eggs Benedict is a meatless variation that boasts of admirably-done poached eggs, soft muffin and creamy Hollandaise sauce that does not taste too overwhelming. We also enjoyed dining the scenic al-fresco setting of That Latte Place, making it a perfect location for a Sunday brunch catch up session.

Thumbs down:  Although we enjoyed their Eggs Benedict, we have to admit that one of the egg yolks was not runny enough, which is really a big no-no. Though, we also admit that the overall taste made up for it. Also, be warned that the exact pretty al-fresco setting will be a factor to prevent you from heading to That Latte Place if it is raining or too hot.


Marmalade at Bangsar Village II

Thumbs Up: Being a whole and healthy restaurant in nature, Marmalade’s Eggs Benedict are made with free-range eggs. Thus, giving customers a guilt-free and delicious dining experience. We had prsonally tried the Eggs Atlantic, a variation where salmon is used instead of ham or bacon. The smoked salmon had just the right amount of saltiness and flavour, making the union with the runny yolk a delight! Muffins were slightly dense and its Hollandaise sauce tasted above average. We also realized that Marmalade is one of the few restaurants who serve their Hollandaise sauce separated from the eggs and muffin; this enables customers to control the amount of creamy sauce they want.

Thumbs Down: Although full of flavour, the consistency of the Hollandaise sauce was too dense for our liking. We also admit that we expected something slightly bigger for the paid price.


The Red Beanbag (Publika)

Thumbs Up: There are actually two variants of Eggs Benedict here – the original version with ham and the fishy Eggs Atlantic. Both have had favourable comments, however, we would have to say that the smoked salmon dish would get majority of the votes. Both dishes had nicely done poached eggs, smooth hollandaise sauce, asparagus, mushrooms and two thick slices of fluffy French-toasted breads. Additionally, we came to realize that the Red Beanbag’s RM17.90 Eggs Atlantic is appropriately priced. This comes from other experiences where the eggy dish would be less appetizing and with minimal ham, but for the same price as The Red Beanbag’s.

Thumbs Down: We find parking in Publika not a pleasant experience. So dear readers, especially to you ladies, please go in a group.


ACME Bar and Coffee at Troika

Thumbs Up: Salted beef and eggs, oh wow! We think it’s pretty well-known that salted beef is not something you can commonly find in Malaysia, what more in eggs benedict variations over here. Winner of the TOKL Food Award for Best New Restaurant last year, Acme’s promise of providing good food translates well in their homemade salt beef. Can you just imagine and almost taste the flavourful and tender beef melting in perfectly with the silky smoothness of the poached egg? Top that up with creamy Hollandaise sauce and dense muffin texture and, oh my; you’ve got yourself a winning eggs benedict variation!

Thumbs down: Do be warned that this gastronomically number may be pricier than the other eggs benedict options out there. Also, parking may also be a problem as Troika is fundamentally a residential area.

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