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Oh Yes! Using Sex To Improve Memory

Time to get sexy for your memory’s sake.

There isn’t a way to stop ageing but to slow it down in its track? Yes you can. We know the fact that over time, our memory will get fuzzy and details become lost on us. But what if there’s a way to improve your long-term memory while having a bit of fun (or painful, depending on your preference)?

A frisky romp between the sheets can actually help to boost memory and this is all thanks to a surge of dopamine – the “dope” is known as the feel-good brain chemical.

In a German study, 32 older adults were shown a series of photographs in a test. Those who were given Levodopa – an amino acid which triggers the release of dopamine – had 20 per cent more memory recall compared to those given a placebo.

The experts explained that dopamine has the ability to affect proteins in the hippocampus, an area of the brain that is identified to be key in long-term memory.

You know how sex and dopamine are interrelated right? The more the bed activity, the more the increase in dopamine. Here are some other ways to boost the happy chemicals:

Try new sex position – It has been suggested that when you do something exciting and unpredictable, it will help to trigger the release of dopamine. So go the extra route, and study up on a position that you’ve been meaning to try. Karma sutra app anyone?

Turn on the sexy tunes – According to a Canadian study, people tend to experience an increase of dopamine right before they have a song-induced “chill”. You know the feeling when you listen to an artist who is so soulful, you just get swept up in the moment? Yes, that spine-tingling sensation. Even the anticipation of a pleasurable part of a song can release dopamine, so sexy tunes as foreplay must really help get the mood going huh?

Venture into the unknown – Generally, dopamine is released when you encounter something unfamiliar or different. So go wild, book a staycation for sex in all areas of your room/bathroom, sign up for your first 5K run, try a completely new haircut, travel solo one weekend, whatever it is that will give you a thrill.

Be warned though, dopamine also has its downside. It has been blamed for infidelity and drug addiction, and also the reason to why you’re attracted to the wrong men.

Source: Prevention

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