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Levi’s Neon Jeans 7-Day Challenge

Either you love it or hate it, neon is a colour that sure catches the eyes. 

I’ll admit, I’m one of those haters…well, was. Fickle, I know but I’ve a change of heart when I saw this pair of Levi’s in neon lemon yellow. When did Levi’s start getting in on the funk? Well, the answer is probably this Spring/Summer 2013. The collection dubbed “neon brights” follows in this season’s hottest trending colours and it is really gorgeous.

Now, for one who has never own anything so bright, the challenge is to find suitable pairings. This is one marriage that is tricky to arrange. But the resulting unions are harmonious, or that’s what we’d like to believe anyway.

Day 1: Clean & Bright

The white over neon pairing works for every bright hue of the family, and white is the best to tone down on the shocking element of your outfit. In this case, the jeans appears less intimidating while the flirty collar design of the top gives this look a softer touch. This combo is especially good for those who have just embraced neon, like me.

Day 2: Colour Harmony

This, to me, is the perfect colour match. The calm seagreen top goes along very well with the neon yellow. It’s a streamlined silhouette that is fresh and won’t leave anyone with a ‘I-need-sunglasses!’ glare. Clean lines and simple accessories, this look may appeal to the classy girls who are looking to rock a bit of neon trend with minimum effort.

Day 3: Floral Power

A neon jeans can still be taken as a serious clothing item when paired with a fitting blazer and pumps. Generally, the aim is to appear sophisticated and refined, even with a dash of fluorescent. A feminine floral print also brings an interesting element to the mix. But when in doubt, throw on a plain solid coloured blazer; pink, neutral, navy and black work best.

Day 4: Crazy Clash

If you’re daring enough to go against the tide, mix up your outfit with different neon colours. Go wild and clash as you like but the rule is to make sure there’s a neutral item in there somewhere to offset the crazies. This leopard print top goes one step louder than the palm tree prints on the jeans. Add on with a striking clutch, you have a really popping outfit right there.

Day 5: Bold Love

Right, if wild isn’t your thing, tone it down a notch. Why stick to just one shade when you can still have fun with two neon colours? Think colour blocking – the electric blue actually enhances the bright yellow. Quick pointer – a long vest goes better with a skinny jeans than a flared pair, it also helps to draw attention away from the neon bottom.

Day 6: Funky Hits

The safest choice of colour to go with a pair of neon jeans is a black or dark top. As neon is a rather “young” tone, a solid dark helps to keep things in focus. We, however, decided to call out to our inner youth and pair the skinnies with a galaxy print top and creepers for a rather funky look.

Day 7: Crop Mix

Back to our favourite colour pairing again, this time with a boxy cropped top, inherited from mummy dearest who wore it during her heyday. The style is kept simple with nude jelly flats and a vintage watch. When dressed in a neon piece, keep your accessories to a minimum. Less is more.

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