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Review: Confessions of a myBurgerLab-holic

While there might be no such thing as a free lunch, the opposite is true for dinner. 

This isn’t your typical food review (if you want one, it’s here). This is the sort of write-up that comes from beyond merely serving good food. This happens on the rare occasion that a food establishment goes that extra mile to give you excellent service and provide that human connection so devoid in our local food and beverage industry.

The tale goes a little like this..

It was just one of those days; nothing went right. Fatigue, built up work stress over the past two weeks, a tendon injury, being stuck in traffic for almost two hours.. everything seemed to be conspiring against me. It was late, and I was still stuck in the car – the growling sound in my tummy grew louder by the minute and with that, the black cloud over my head.

Almost out of no where, a sudden hankering for some form of peanut butter hit me and I knew it was my body telling me I needed some comfort food to heal the soul. I knew it was telling me I needed to Jam with Elvis.

Now, logic would tell me that the last thing I wanted was to drive to Seapark, look for parking, and queue up for another half an hour at least before eating – especially in my current fragile state of mind. But who had time for logic, especially when it took me almost half the time to drive to Penang..just to get home from KL to PJ.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” – The Great Gatsby

I tweeted my contemplation in an attempt to commit to this action plan; it would either be the best decision of the day, once I could sink my teeth into a juicy, creamy burger – or it could potentially be the most demoralising, time-wasting, most stress-inducing idea I’ve had in my life. The odds were against me.

True enough, there was a long queue (as expected) when I drove by, and there weren’t any parking spots despite going around in circles. I cracked. I felt tears welling up in my eyes as I decided that today, just wasn’t my day and drove further and further away from myBurgerLab.

Dejected. Hungry. Tired.

Suddenly, a beacon of light came from my smartphone in my time of darkness (it was after all, about 8pm). A tweet.

I wiped my tear (yes, just the one) as I re-read the tweet, pushed my hair behind my ears and made a quick U-ey..determined that things were looking up for me. This HAD to be a sign, from myBurgerLab..that I couldn’t give up. Nope, not this time.

I parked, farther than I typically would. I grasped my clutch and held it close to my body as possible (hey it’s a notorious area for snatch thefts – well any area in the Klang Valley is, for that matter) and walked hurriedly, looking nervously around me for suspicious characters.

I made it there in one piece, and for some reason I had never felt more calm queuing up for a burger in my entire life. In fact, those 20 to 30 minutes by myself were so zen, I used it to reflect on how my day went.

I also made it a point to order another burger ( I would have ordered 5 just to show my support, but then I’d be depriving others of 5 burgers) because I love what myBurgerLab stands for; making the experience personal for each and every one that walks in through that door, no matter how long that queue is, no matter which strangers you have to share a table with – I have always left the place feeling happy, satisfied and..full!

It’s amazing how they constantly engage in conversations on their social networks, they’re timely, they stick to their word and honestly, who cares about the queue when I’ve actually waited longer for a roadside stall burger?

I didn’t have to write this, but I chose to because good work ethics and good service (in this country especially), deserves a shout out. So to you myBurgerLab staff – keep on being awesome. There’s a reason why your queues haven’t slowed down since the day you opened.

Sometimes, it’s not about getting a free lunch; Sometimes, just sometimes.. it’s about catching a break.

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