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How To Grow Out Your Hair Healthily & Beautifully

One of the most awkward phases in a woman’s life is when her hair is neither here nor there. 

Like the majority of ladies out there, our hair is the crowning glory that is much treasured. Now when you have a short-ish style of hair that you want to grow out, patience is a virtue that you’d need a big dose of. Going from pixie cut to just mid-length can be a frustrating experience. But far from letting it get to you, we’ve got some tips on how to make the process smoother.


For anything to grow in your body, there needs to be a good blood flow or circulation. So it would make sense to give yourself a scalp massage every day. Gently use your fingertips to run through your hair and move in a circular motion on your scalp to increase circulation to the follicles. Regular exercises will help get the blood running too.

Flip & Brush

Make it a daily affair to brush your hair with the head flipped forward, moving from roots to ends. This is to distribute all the natural oils down to your dry ends and prevent dryness or breakage – a vital factor in growing out your hair. Plus, this is actually a very relaxing ritual before bedtime to promote rest.


This is a dilemma for many where they’re tempted to just chop it all off in view of the awkward stage. While trimming won’t help hair to grow faster, a snip is good enough to maintain shape and cut down on natural thickness that makes long hair harder to manage. A trim is generally welcome to get rid of the dead end. How often you trim depends on the state of your hair. Get at least half an inch off to keep your locks healthy.

Eat Right

If you didn’t know already, what we put into our body can affect the health of our skin and hair. Our mane needs nutrients to grow, especially Vitamins A, E, and B, as well as iron and zinc which promote hair health and growth. So eat up more on foods like fruits, fish, nuts and leafy green vegetables. If you’re not getting enough of these nutrients from your diet, do consider multivitamins.

Treat It Right

This is the time to give your locks some love. A deep pampering session once a week is vital to keep hair moisturise. Your goal is to avoid ends that break, which will prevent hair from growing longer. Apart from that, don’t brush through wet hair, don’t use synthetic bristle brushes and don’t use heating tools without applying a protectant product on your hair first.


Now you’ve got reasons to play up on different hair styles as you grow your hair out. Buy some cute accessories like headbands, hair ties, and clips if that’s your sort of thing. There will be days when you feel like giving up on the growing process but don’t brandish the scissors just yet. It’s just a matter of working around what suits you.

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