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The Types Of Kisses And The Message Behind Each Kiss

Pucker up for your kissing style is about to be analysed.

A kiss can tell you a lot about the other person, like what he/she is thinking and what feelings they’re experiencing. So naturally, each kissing style can convey a special message that only the recipient will know. These are the most common types of kisses and what they mean, decoded for your knowledge:

Cheek Kiss

This light peck on the cheeks is usually intended for greeting a friend or family member. Skin contact is keep to a minimum but if the recipient is the object of your affections, it lingers on a little more. Apart from a friendly hello, it is also a cute way of saying ‘Thank You’ to someone and an acceptable form of parting after a first date that has gone well.

Angel Kiss

This kiss delves into intimacy where you lightly use the tips of your lips to plant soft kisses on your partner’s eyelids or the spot just next to the eyes. Angel kiss is normally referred to the birthmark found on the eyelid of a newborn. In this context, angel kiss is a comforting kiss that’s meant to showcase affection and care.

Butterfly Kiss

A butterfly kiss involves the couple going up close until the tips of their eyelashes are touching. While blinking, you will find that your eyelashes are fluttering together like butterfly wings. To spice things up, use fluttering eyelashes to caress your partner’s forehead, cheeks, neck, body, etc. This kiss shows tender love even though it may not actually involve the lips.

Lips Kiss

Planting a single kiss squarely on a partner’s mouth and holding the position for at least 20 seconds indicates romance at its infancy. It can mean you’re just starting out as a couple but for more established couple; it’s also a prelude to an evening of intimacy. To be even more passionate, kisses can include a gentle suck/tug of the lips.

Earlobe Kiss

This spells aching desire and often used for when you want to get a little naughty. By focusing on the earlobes, you’re actually igniting the sensual senses and if you are looking to take things further, lick the ears a little with your tongue and nibble on it very lightly. The deal here is to create a gentle pull with a tugging motion and get the blood flowing.

French Kiss

Breathless is the word. Tango of the tongue that can be a whole religion by itself. It is probably one of the most popular ways to express a lover’s unbridled love for each other. Locking your mouth, gentle lips nudging and tender exploration of the insides put forth all your passion in a single session.

Neck Kiss

Sensuality and excitement sums up the neck kiss. When you reach the nape of your sweetheart, a stronger pressure with your lips or a little nibbling can cause spontaneous shivers. And that is why this is a great run-up to initiate foreplay for a night of lovemaking.

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