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[Review] The 4-Week Experience With Samsung Galaxy S4

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 all that it’s made up to be? 

It’s been about four months now since the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released and while other phones have emerged from the factory since then, the S4 is still one of the most sought after mobile phone. The hype is still strong with this one! And we’ll share with you why.

I was given the task of testing out the S4 for a good measurable of time. My previous unit was already giving way (read: lagging and freezing up!) and this couldn’t have come at a better time.

Take note I’ve been using the S4 for work, play and fun, day and night, so this is a personal account of how I felt with the usability of Samsung’s brainchild. These are the key characteristics that stood out for me:

Size & Screen

The first thing that I noticed with the S4 is the size. I’m used to phones that are not any larger than the palm of my hand, this one goes beyond what I would consider as handy. The width of the S4 is a bit trickier to grasp comfortably in one’s hand.

That aside, the 5-inch HD display is beautiful and with the AMOLED screen, colours appear rich, vibrant and super sharp. A real beauty to look at! This was especially brilliant when playing games (like Minion Rush, yes I was addicted to this at one point!) and viewing pictures and videos.


Aside from the Gorilla Glass front, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is made up of plastic material. This does not augur well with a high-end level phone. The removable plastic battery cover gives off a flimsy feeling and the downside to this is that the phone tends to heat up pretty fast. A check on various forums revealed the same problem faced by other users. But credit has to be given for its slim and sleek design, as well as the lightweight feel.


A girl’s gotta have her camera! You know what I mean? When it comes to taking pictures, the Samsung Galaxy S4 did not disappoint. There’s also the much-talked about dual camera shot, which truthfully I didn’t care much for.

With a 13-megapixel sensor, the S4 did a decent job in capturing pictures in details. The vibrancy is not lost on this one. However, I did find some pictures taken under lowlight to be slightly grainy as per the case with most mobile phones. That said, it wins in terms on capturing modes, filters and effects. And this is where you can find the most fun.

Extra Features

One of the things that make the S4 uber cool is probably the eye-tracking software. You can virtually control your phone with your eyeballs, well, sort of. The eye-tracking motion detects when you’re paying attention and when you avert your eyes somewhere else. In this case, the screen grows dimmer and perhaps, even goes off till you bring it back to life.

Other features to look out are the Smart Pause and Smart Scroll functions; useful when you’re trying to optimise usage of the phone while multitasking. The Air View features also got our attention though I didn’t actually utilise it at all. It lets you hover over the phone to control a video, preview images from the gallery, browse articles online, etc with just a finger or hand.


If you want a phone that is powerful and smart, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is your guy! He is responsive and sensitive to your needs, and can most certainly be relied on when push comes to shove.

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