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SNL: Deeper Than Fashion

This week, we step into the magical realm of dreams, mermaids and rainbows with Deeper Than Fashion!

If you’re into unique, one of a kind accessories – this week’s Shop in the Name of Love is for you! The brand is created by Harmini Asokumar, a Malaysian self-taught aspiring accessory designer who is inspired by her love of magic, art, peace and rainbows.

Specialising in dreamcatchers, you can also find a number of other types of accessories such as charm necklaces, earcuffs and sometimes even the odd clutch or two.

Harmini says that being able to design accessories and create art has given her the ability and creative outlet to turn daydreams and inspirations into a reality, and here are some of the reasons why we love Deeper Than Fashion (DTF)!

Why We <3:

Unique Items. Each piece is personally handcrafted or handpicked with love by Harmini, so it definitely shows in the quality of the products that each item is made with passion and dedication. When we spoke to her recently, she said that she took the initiative to learn how to start making her own accessories because the ones she saw or found, never truly reflected her personality, ideas and of course, her dreams. From then on, she started making her own custom dreamcatchers, with themes, designs and ideas and was determined to create accessories that couldn’t be found anywhere else!

Dreamcatchers Galore. Dreamcatchers have their roots in Native American culture, with the belief that it would only allow good dreams to filter through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper, whilst bad dreams would stay in the net and disappear when morning comes. DTF do some brilliant dreamcatchers, with bright, vibrant colours using a variety of feathers and intricate weaving and beading techniques. These are definitely statement accessories, that also work as good conversational pieces.

Customised. DTF is synonymous with their custom and themed dreamcatchers which she makes to order; all you need to do is tell her your preferred colours, the types of feather, the charms –  and she’ll custom make one for you. You have the option of having your dreamcatcher made into an earring or as a necklace, whichever suits you best. However, if you have no idea how to custom one, just visit the Facebook page to order a ready-to-wear one!

Facebook Community. With over 8,000 Likes on Facebook, DTF has a good community feel as Harmini also provides a lot of DIY and beauty tutorials.

Why We No <3:

Pricey. As with all handmade products, it will come at a price with a basic dreamcatcher costing about RM50 per piece. Occasionally, you do get discounted ones that go for RM40, or you could always opt for a simpler feather earring which costs RM10 for a pair. We say RM50 is affordable considering it’s a one of a kind design that you won’t find at the nearest Diva outlet.

Facebook-Based. DTF is sold on a Facebook page platform and is updated at least twice a week, which makes it a little tough to view all the products at one simple to-view format like a website. There is a DTF website, but it acts more like a support for the Facebook page .

Limited Products. Because DTF specialises in custom pieces, if you see a piece you like and it’s sold out – you may not get a chance to have something similar. Good for those who already snapped up the pieces they wanted though!

For more information, visit the Deeper Than Fashion Facebook page or email

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