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New York Fashion Week: Plus-Sized Clothing Makes History

As the world’s much talked about New York Fashion Week goes underway, a designer is creating a little history of her own for plus-sized women.

It is rarely that you get to see plus-size model/ fashion on the runway. What more at a prestigious event such as the New York Fashion Week?

Designers are still coming to terms that not all women are size zero while industry players have a lot to learn.

Thus, when Eden Miller was invited to do a show in New York Fashion Week, she generated quite the buzz. She was the fist ever plus-sized clothing designer offered to send full-figured models down the runway.

Her line called ‘Cabiria’ which was launched in April, has been lauded as the first step forward in the “size zero war.”

A non-profit organisation, the Fashion Law Institute had even approached the designer to help her fund the show. Miller was one of six designers handpicked by the Institute to showcase their talent at the presentation last Friday.

Miller with over 25 years experience is a curvaceous woman herself and says her collection is cut with a consideration for a plus-sized figure. She uses cut, angles and silhouettes to flatter the fuller figure. She’s not even one to shy away from using bold prints and bright colours in her collection. Gorgeous!

By bringing Cabiria to NYFW, Miller has achieved a sort of “legitimacy” where she hopes that “plus fashion is just as legitimate as any other fashion out there on the runway and whatever somebody is showing, the collection itself is what speaks.” So the idea is that in the long run, plus-sized clothing will be more acceptable and eventually it will just be about beautiful clothes. And not size!

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