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Tried and Tested: Hada Labo Hand Creams With Natural Essential Oils

A decent hand cream should be inexpensive, smells good and would get the job done. Is Hada Labo’s new range of hand creams all that and worth the investment?

Part of the Metholatum Company, Hada Labo is a brand that’s inspired by traditional Japanese beauty knowledge and promises to use ingredients that are free from alcohol, colorant, chemical fragrance and mineral oil; pretty much summing up what their new hand creams are like.

Alongside Hada Labo’s signature Super Hyaluronic Acid, these specialised lotion are pH balanced and contain natural essential oils. All these result in an effective hand lotion that deeply hydrates, soothes and calms all skin types, including sensitive skin. In addition to that, the relaxing aroma of the essential oils leaves your smooth hands smelling great!

There are two variations to this new range.

The Hada Labo Deep Moisturising Hand Cream is perfect for those who are experiencing dryness in their hands. Fortified with Super Hyaluronic Acid, Oat B-Glucose, Australian Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil and Vitamin E, the delicate cream easily penetrates into the deep layers of the skin for deep moisturisation. The Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol and three kinds of Rose Essential Oil helps to sooth your senses.

Our Verdict: The Lavender scented whitening hand cream kind of left us with a mild greasy sensation. Worry not though, because the greasiness will slowly go away and be absorbed into your skin. While we admit that it did leave our hands feeling smoother and looking more youthful (minor fine lines of our hands went away!), whitening results were not that prominent. However, do note that this may be due to the fact that we did not apply the cream on religiously.

The Hada Labo Whitening Hand Cream promises to give user a fairer youthful looking hand. The added Super Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin and European Lavender Essential Oil acts as double whitening agents that not only functions to maintain the skin’s fairness, but to also restore the user’s skin smoothness. It also has Vitamin E and B5 to help repair dry skin and the calming Lavender scent aids to relax one’s mind.

Our verdict: When compared to its Rose sibling, this was quicker to absorb and our hands immediately felt soft to the touch. In all honesty, this variation was preferred as it smelled lovely and really did leave us with deeply moisturised hands!

All in all, if you’re wondering whether Hada Labo’s new range of hand creams are worth investing in, our answer is partly yes.

Priced at only RM19.90, the hand creams are effective and smells great; making them a value for money buy! Nonetheless, we honestly tell you that we enjoyed the Rose scented Deep Moisturising Cream more, so it all comes down to what sort of hand cream you’re looking for.

The Hada Labo Deep Moisturising Hand Cream (50g) and Hada Labo Whitening Hand Cream (50g) are both priced at RM19.90 and are exclusively available at Watsons nationwide. 

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